Control4 is poised for a big show at the CEDIA EXPO 2009.

September 12, 2009

Control4, the leader in affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, introduced its second-generation operating system (“OS 2.0”)! Control4’s OS 2.0 has an elegant new user interface and enables greater levels of customization for the custom CE installer and personalization for the homeowner. It’s a win-win solution as Control4® OS 2.0 offers:

  • new levels of home-control functionality
  • easy-to-access whole-home systems
  • integration of third-party applications
  • improved media management.

The result – Control4 integrators can now offer its most powerful automation and entertainment solution to date. 

Stop by Control4’s booth 161 at the show for a demo of the company’s new operating system and to see the company’s growing automation ecosystem.

Control4’s booth will serve as host to a number of new solutions from 16 technology partners and demonstrate its comprehensive suite of lifestyle solutions that provide Control4 dealers, and their clients, with: 1) Effortless Entertainment, 2) Comfort and Convenience, 3) Peace of Mind, including home security, elderly care, and communications solutions, 4) Solutions for Apple product integration, and 5) Green Living.

To see all of Control4’s CEDIA EXPO 2009 announcements, access their press page at

Paradigm, OmniMount and Control4 Earn Innovative Housing Technology Awards

June 3, 2009

A congratulatory round of ‘ataboys goes to three Caster clients who were named winners of the prestigious 2009 Innovative Housing Technology Awards.IHTA2009Logo_WEB

According to a release issued by the sponsor, “Now in its ninth year, the award program—owned by CE Pro, TecHome Builder and Electronic House—honors the most innovative products, builders and CE pros serving the homebuilding industry. The awards are presented every June in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco.”

A seasoned panel of tech building industry experts and journalists evaluated the 2009 finalists and made the tough choices, clearly using sound judgment in choosing the victors. The winners represent best practices by CE pros, builders, home technology makers and IT innovators.

Without further ado, Ringo, can we have a drum roll please…

Winner – Home Theater Category: Paradigm RVC-12SQ In-wall Subwoofer with X-800 Amplifier and Perfect Bass Kit

Even with IHTA abolishing the “Longest Product Name” category for 2009, Paradigm manufactured a winner here with a structurally sound, high-powered in-wall subwoofer that includes a bracketing system, room correction and amplification. You might ask how an in-wall subwoofer is beneficial to builders? I’m glad you asked:

The RVC-12SQ benefits builders because it solves the last major challenge of architectural audio. With floor space at a premium, the demand for unobtrusive A/V solutions will continue to grow, and builders who can offer a full home theater or entertainment solution will differentiate themselves. While the subwoofer is only part of the equation, its importance to audio performance cannot be understated. The RVC-12SQ is also the first subwoofer to offer freestanding performance from inside the wall with no risk of structural damage or weak audio playback.

Winner – Home Theater Category: OmniMount MotionPicture Series Power55

Power55 is a unique solution that tilts, pans or swivels the TV to achieve optimal viewing in multiple rooms. OmniMount provides builders with every tool necessary to install it, an installation template, level, and a labeled hardware kit, for a quick, easy and perfect installation every time and anywhere in the room regardless of construction challenges.

Winner – Integrated Home Control and Networking: Control4 Home Controller HC-200

With the HC-200, you are no longer tied to a coffee table cluttered with remotes. Instead, a single remote and easy-to-use on-screen interface allow you to enjoy the same intuitive Control4 navigation on every video display in your home. Adjust and control the lights either individually or collectively. Manage your home theater system. Free your digital music collection and easily stream it to any room throughout the home. Check the status of your doors and windows, and adjust the thermostat – through convenient, easy-to-use, powerful on-screen menus.

This is a proud day and we’d like to thank our mothers, the academy and all the journalists and tech experts who made these awards possible. We couldn’t have done it without your support and look forward to bigger thing in the years to come.

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Why Runco is Reaffirming its Commitment to Flat Panels

April 28, 2009

In recent months we’ve heard from a number of “big name”, who will remain unnamed, manufacturers announcing significant changes within their flat panel product portfolios and even abandoning plasma displays altogether.

These big-brand names are jumping ship which has (at varying levels) led consumers and retailers to wonder if plasma is dead, because of lack of demand for their products. There has been speculation that plasma TVs are too expensive and questions if there is even a difference in video quality and performance versus LCD.

Runco is a leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions. The products are sold and installed by Runco’s network of trained and authorized custom installation professionals who provide world-class expertise and service…Yes, they cost a pretty penny. Why? Premium products and service and solutions.  Runco plasma and LCD displays are customized to provide the best, most accurate, high-fidelity, cinematic-quality video possible; each for  different rooms and applications. They boast different technology, different price points, and offer different solutions for customers who demand the best. That’s what “custom” is all about!

Today, Runco reaffirms its committment to flat panel technology by providing the widest range of plasma and LCD displays that offer the most advanced video technology for any viewing environment, including:

  • A refreshed portfolio of plasmas from 50 to 103 inches that boasts Runco’s signature processing and technology enhancements for the most accurate colorimetry available – perfect for low-lit rooms and theaters;
  • A full-line of 1080p Crystal Series LCDs for rooms of distinction with high levels of ambient light.  Screen sizes range from 32 to 70-inches;
  • And, the only LCDs and plasmas available with Runco’s exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology. When applied to LCDs, OPAL preserves the integrity of the video content in high ambient light that competes with and degrades the images. When applied to plasma, OPAL thrives in darker rooms by enhancing black levels, detail and clarity of the image. And, when applied to Runco’s Climate Portfolio WP-OPAL42 (weather-proof) LCD, you get pool-side outdoor entertainment like no other TV!

Check out Runco’s full line of premium flat panel displays and projectors at To experience a Runco-quality home entertainment for yourself, locate the Runco dealer nearest to you and make an appointment to demo products in their showroom.

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Is the Economy Just What the Family Doctor Ordered?

March 20, 2009

Though the consumer electronics industry may not be one of them, there are some big winners in today’s economy. Joining the likes of Walmart and McDonald’s benefitting in tough times is Netflix who recently announced a record second quarter and now has over 10 million subscribers. I also read that, as of yesterday, you can now buy or rent films in HD from iTunes.

As purse strings tighten, more and more families are staying home and enjoying the simple pleasures of home entertainment – movies, video games, and other forms of good ‘ole family fun to ride out the “R-session” (because I just don’t feel like writing that word any more than I have to). And the good news is, they seem to be having fun while doing it! CNN’s “At-home entertainment and family bonding booms” is the most recent article interviewing today’s families.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days of family movie time. My siblings and I “called” our couch (or floor) seats and devoured microwave popcorn in about 48 seconds. I can’t remember the last time I played a board game. Oh wait, it was Scattegories at a friend’s lake house; the TV died and we were desperate. Video games? I have NO idea, but I’m guessing circa 1999 at U.R.I. Cards? Do drinking games count? (Dear boss, this is a joke.)

I am single and without kids, so though I may not be able to partake in as many of these budget-beating activities as I would like (the vision of buzzinig myself while playing Taboo is truly a depressing one), these reports are encouraging. Maybe our generation as a whole will be a benefactor of these times. (See Nick’s 2/19 blog – “The Untaught Lessons of Formal Education” – an on-point list of lessons and generalizations about Gen Y). Maybe it is THAT time for adults and children to learn to (re)appreciate the value of the dollar and the family.

…And, in case you were wondering (you weren’t, I know), when I finally DO get a house, the home theater is a MUST! …it’s good for the family, you know!?

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