BodySound Home Theater Furniture Makes Surround Sound Personal

November 4, 2009

A unique concept combining furniture design and high quality audio, BodySound creates a truly individual listening experience.

Eden Prairie, MN – November 2009 – BodySound Technologies, Inc introduces a line of specialty furniture with personal surround sound, eliminating the need for in-room loudspeakers. Experiential seatingTM with BodySound technology is the fusion of ultra-comfortable home entertainment seating with innovative audio technology.  BodySound furniture is both wireless and compact, providing full impact, large scale sound in smaller and more challenging spaces.


With a 7-speaker personalized surround sound system, each seat drives its own audio, giving every user the ability to fine tune the sound characteristics to match their preference. BodySound technology will then automatically adjust the volume to match the users’ settings, providing a sound that is both crisp and clear, preserving every detail of audio information.  The built-in speaker system coupled to the steel framing construction produces pleasant, full-spectrum vibrations throughout the user’s seating area. Users can customize how much or how little they wish to feel.

“BodySound enhances the listening experience even more than HDTV adds to the viewing experience,” says Dan Cohen, CEO and Founder of BodySound Technologies. With BodySound’s Experiential seating, every user can experience movies, TV, gaming, and music in a way that more fully engages their senses.

BodySound is the culmination of 12 years of research and development including medical research on the relaxation effects produced by sound and vibration.  Refinements in the seating construction and sound system were developed to enhance the relaxation effects.  During this process, the developers of BodySound technology recognized how much fun and enjoyment they derived from watching TV and movies as well as listening to music in their relaxation chairs. As a result, they enhanced the furniture even further to produce the most innovative home entertainment seating available today.  Each seat powers its own 7-speaker system with a built-in multi-processor and 650 watt amplifier.  With easy wireless setup, BodySound seating becomes an ideal solution for a theater experience in any room.


BodySound technology is seamlessly embedded within custom luxury furniture, covered in fine leather. Seating can be ordered as recliners, connected rows or curves of seats, love seats, couches, or custom configured.  BodySound furniture starts at $5,995 MSRP and can also be custom designed based on customer preferences.

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About BodySound

Based in Minneapolis, MN, BodySound Technologies, Inc. is the leading developer of home entertainment furniture with personal surround sound technology built in. Experiential™ seating with BodySound technology is the fusion of fine furniture and innovative sound technology. Sound and seating become one and the same, delivering a personal audio experience in both luxury and comfort.

Turn up your Hearing Aid…Audio Matters in Home Theater!

February 6, 2009

Rarely but sometimes it’s best to let others do the pontificating for you. These times are often called Fridays.

According to, My Ultimate Guide to Consumer Electronics (allegedly), “The meteoric rise in flat-panel television sales and the increasing affordability of projection television have brought big-screen HDTV to millions of homes. But many of those households are missing out on the other half of the home theater experience. To complete your home theater systems, you need to complement your investment in video with an investment in audio. Why?.”

I like this article because it is not brand specific and it provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of the options available for building your audio system. Clearly one needs to consider the undeniable leader in audio electronics when considering any purchase but a little unbiased education can’t hurt.

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2009: The Year of the Great Audio Comeback

December 29, 2008
Earbuds are OK for when I am on the go but I need my Paradigm speakers are what really keep me running as the Alpha Male.

Earbuds are OK for when I am on the go but my Paradigm speakers are what really keep me running as the Alpha Male.

I may not be in the ranks of Miss Cleo or that Three’s Company chick with the edible nipple from the movie Mallrats but I can certainly make a prediction when it will benefit a client and that’s why I am dubbing 2009 as The Year of the Great Audio Comeback. TV’s provide only a percentage of the home entertainment experience yet audio is utilizied in virtually all forms of entertainment whether it’s music, movie soundtracks, gaming, entertaining guests or even as background during a suburban freestyle rap battle with some of the neighbors. 

Cleary John Guilfoil, contributor to the Boston Globe and also editor of Blast Magazine is drinking the audio Kool-aid as he  dubbed his December 2008 edition of Blast Magazine  “The Audio Issue.” Additionally, a column he wrote comparing five different home theater surround sound systems ran (Have a Blast in Your Living Room – 12/28/08) in this Sunday’s Boston Globe with Paradigm’s Esprit system taking the top spot for performance.

The esteemed Mr. Guilfoil portends, “We blasted the Paradigm Studio Esprit reference speakers (two front and one center speaker) paired with Paradigm’s ADP-590 surround speakers and their Seismic 10 subwoofer…It’s the best-sounding system on the list. The front, center, and rear speakers combine to create a realistic surround sound experience, and the subwoofer not only shakes a room but adds deep definition to the package.”

Mr. Guilfoil cleary has the golden ear necessary for defining quality audio

I have only begun to make my case for the year of the Great Audio Comeback so stay tuned and you’ll be buying speakers in no time.

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