Grunt-free zone

August 19, 2008

The Olympics are making me tired. My usual bedtime has been extended at the very minimum two hours a night because I will die — just die — if I miss a moment of swimming/diving/gymnastics/shot put.

Yeah, shot put. I’ve never really watched anyone do the shot put before, aside from some attempts made by fellow high school students back in the days of gym class. But watching these men and women — whose arm muscles are bigger than my entire body — throw this ball REALLY far…well, I’m impressed.

But I have a question. Is the grunting necessary? I mean, I don’t know how heavy that little ball is, but the noises coming out of these people range everywhere from minor grunt to full on scream. If we’re being honest, occasionally a sound will escape me while weight lifting at the gym, but I never feel the need for a full on Tarzan.

Did you know that Planet Fitness gyms have a no-grunt policy? I think that’s hilarious. I’d hate to be the person who has to walk from machine to machine, asking the big strong men to quiet down.

Can you imagine if they did that at the Olympics? Dainty Chinese women asking the athletes very nicely to please, throw your shot put in silence.

Wow. The Olympics really ARE making me tired. A whole post about shot put and grunting.

Posted by: Molly