The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Everyone!

November 10, 2009

OmniMount’s newest product, the omnimount, is this year’s perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a TV.  Whether it’s for a college student looking to get more space for their dorm room or for a parent looking to keep the TV from toppling over around rambunctious kids (or just looking to keep the TV up and out of the way of little fingerprints), the omnimount is the new essential item in home décor.  The omnimount is the easiest, strongest, most discreet way to hang a flat panel TV. Unlike any mounting solution yet available, the omnimount combines all of the advantages of a traditional fixed flat panel mount with the highest level of versatility and affordability. With the omnimount, anyone can mount a medium-sized flat panel TV in three easy steps without even having to locate a stud. Users are instructed to simply attach the panel spacers to the back of the TV using a screwdriver, mount the wall brackets with the template provided and hang the flat panel in its place.  The omnimount accommodates any flat panel, 13 to 42 inches and up to 40 pounds in drywall alone, perfect for do-it-yourselfers who want to hang a flat panel TV with total ease and confidence. The product supports up to 80 pounds if mounted into a single stud or concrete.

The omnimount is so easy to use – setting up the mount is almost as simple as turning on the TV since OmniMount provides you with a level, the proper drill bit and even a template to place on the wall so you know exactly where to drill.  In three simple steps, the TV is mounted and ready to go, and retailing at $39.95, it’s even easier to justify purchasing than it is to set up.  Check out just how easy it is to install!

Posted by: Lauren

OmniMount Unveils New Mounts, Furniture at CEDIA 2009

September 15, 2009

At CEDIA, OmniMount unveiled several exciting new products, including new flat panel TV mounts and furniture. Erick Valkingburg was kind enough to take us on a tour of the OmniMount booth last week.

To learn more about the new products, visit the OmniMount website.

OmniMount Adds Cantilever Solutions to its OmniLite Line

August 26, 2009

OmniMount has further expanded its line of eco-conscious mounting solutions, with the addition of cantilever solutions toOL125C_Black_Dropshot_Hi-Res the OmniLite Series. 

The OL50C fits most flat panels from 13 to 32 inches and support up to 50 pounds, while the OL125C fits most flat panels from 23 to 45 inches and support up to 125 pounds. Both single-stud mounts pan, swivel and tilt (-5 to +15 degrees) for maximum viewing flexibility and feature OmniMount’s signature cable management solution and Lift n’ Locktechnology to enable quick and easy installations for installers.

The OmniLite Series OL50C and OL125C will greatly reduce waste by featuring condensed packaging and sOL125C_Black_Lifestyle_Hi-Restreamlined hardware kits. Additionally, manuals and installation templates for each product will be printed on the inside of the box eliminating the need for unnecessary paper. The OmniLite Series will also utilize 100-percent recyclable internal packaging with no plastic bags, post-consumer recyclable outer box material and non-petroleum-based ink for all package printing. 

The OL50C and OL125C have MSRPs of $59.95 and $149.95, respectively, and are available now.

Read the full press release here.

On the Wall, On the Move

July 27, 2009

Power55 Black Lifestyle Hi-ResArlen Schweiger of Electronic House recently published his review of OmniMount’s Power55 in the July/August issue. Several months ago, Bob Bennett and his staff at MHL Security and Sound went out to Arlen’s house to install the mount in his home for the review.

Here are a few snippets of Arlen’s review:

“My home is tiny, so every square foot is precious. My viewing appetite, on the other hand, is so large that our console-mounted 50-inch plasma TV overwhelms the family room. Reviewing OmniMount’s Power55 motorized wall mount – one that tilts, pans and swivels – presented an ideal way to measure its space-saving benefits and other measures.”

“Because the mount tilts, MHL set the left and right horizontal limits as close to the wall without bumping, and they programmed two viewing position presets into the remote. Creating a preset, including that of a ‘home’ position, is as easy as pressing a button down for five seconds. The motion of the mount is slick, but not blazing, about as fast as you’d want something carrying a 110-pound TV to go. It takes just nine seconds to move from centered and sung to fully angled so we can watch from our dining room. Now that’s appetizing.”

“My Hitachi is at the limits of the Power55’s 110-pound weight capacity, but in several months of daily use, there’s been no doubting its sturdiness.”

 Arlen gave a great depiction of the strengths of the Power55 in his full review, and we appreciate him taking the time to do the review. During the installation, we sent our own Katie Short to video document the whole thing. Below is the video from the installation of the Power55.

Check out the photogallery of the install on OmniMount’s Facebook page.

Posted by: Lauren