The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Everyone!

November 10, 2009

OmniMount’s newest product, the omnimount, is this year’s perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a TV.  Whether it’s for a college student looking to get more space for their dorm room or for a parent looking to keep the TV from toppling over around rambunctious kids (or just looking to keep the TV up and out of the way of little fingerprints), the omnimount is the new essential item in home décor.  The omnimount is the easiest, strongest, most discreet way to hang a flat panel TV. Unlike any mounting solution yet available, the omnimount combines all of the advantages of a traditional fixed flat panel mount with the highest level of versatility and affordability. With the omnimount, anyone can mount a medium-sized flat panel TV in three easy steps without even having to locate a stud. Users are instructed to simply attach the panel spacers to the back of the TV using a screwdriver, mount the wall brackets with the template provided and hang the flat panel in its place.  The omnimount accommodates any flat panel, 13 to 42 inches and up to 40 pounds in drywall alone, perfect for do-it-yourselfers who want to hang a flat panel TV with total ease and confidence. The product supports up to 80 pounds if mounted into a single stud or concrete.

The omnimount is so easy to use – setting up the mount is almost as simple as turning on the TV since OmniMount provides you with a level, the proper drill bit and even a template to place on the wall so you know exactly where to drill.  In three simple steps, the TV is mounted and ready to go, and retailing at $39.95, it’s even easier to justify purchasing than it is to set up.  Check out just how easy it is to install!

Posted by: Lauren