From Video to Mounts, from Speakers to Control…Caster Clients totalled more than 500 stories off CEDIA

October 15, 2009

Coming off CEDIA is always a busy time at Caster. With ten clients on the floor, prepping for the show is hard enough, but coming back everyone wants their show reports. The line up of press stories they had is what keeps our clients smiling and keep us slammed through Columbus Day. If you estimate seven clients with two news releases each multiplied times 50 top tier news outlets covering the show, we captured over 500 news articles.

These are some of my favorites this year:

1. Paradigm: CEPro’s Julie Jacobson’s recap of her Toronto trip and blind listening of the new SE speakers attained a lot of buzz. Steven Kim at Engadget sure appreciated the story and supplied his take, the comments are especially titillating

2. Control4: With back to back shows, news from Control4 spanned the energy and utility space and its core business in home automation. Smart Grid News offered this take Texas Utility Choses Control4 for HAN Control and Energy Management while Stewart Wolpin wrote this on the new EMS 100 system for DVICE. Janet Pinkerton’s take on how the Smart Grid is going to impact CE retail and custom installers was a hit over at Dealerscope.

3. NuVo had a tremendous show nabbing  2009 CEDIA Manufacturers’ Excellence Award, Best New Product: Renovia and the press agreed with stories like – NuVo Renovia May Be Harbinger of Future and Twice’s  Retrofit, Remodeling Get CEDIA Expo Focus.

4. OmniMount had a powerhouse of a show as furniture and  TV Mounting Options Continue To Expand and with lots of sightings of their OmniLite Series, New Classic Series and Modena Series, and a huge volume of hourly giveaways posted through their Twitter site.

5. MartinLogan impressed the audio crowd at this year’s  Expo. offers this CEDIA 2009 Martin Logan Booth Tour and highlights MartinLogan Shows Wireless Subwoofers: Dynamo 700 and 1000.

6. Anthem ran a great demo showing of their Statement D2V, fans flocked and the booth was slammed throughout the show. Home Theater Review posted their thoughts on the Anthem Statement D2v with Anthem Room Correction Reviewed.

7. Runco rounded out our clients at CEDIA with one of the most applauded video demos at the show, from their new entry level LightSyle to the debut of their Quantum LED line, the pools of drool were deep and accolades many as attested by Projector Central’s  Runco Takes Xtreme DLP Projection to the Next Level…  and with their Price check – Runco’s LS-3 projector within reach of mere mortals.

All in all, I’d say a very good show!

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NuVo Showcases Renovia Whole Home Audio System

September 18, 2009

At CEDIA 2009, NuVo announced their powerline solution, Renovia. At the show this year, NuVo took installers through the nuts and bolts of this revolutionary product. Everything from specs to pricing, and tools and marketing information were annouced to help its dealers hit the ground running when the product ships later this year.

Steve Horton was kind enough to give us a tour through the NuVo booth and tell us why Renovia is so extrodinary.

Excitement Builds for NuVo’s Renovia Whole Home Audio System at CEDIA EXPO

September 12, 2009

NuVo has been talking about its Renovia whole home audio system for quite some time. Now, its fourth-quarter ship date is fast approaching. At CEDIA EXPO 2009, in Booth 1965, NuVo for the first time will reveal pricing and specifications for this much-anticipated, game-changing technology.

Renovia will bring whole home audio to retrofit/existing home environments like never before possible. With Renovia, the installer no longer needs to cut holes in drywall and run wire throughout the house. Instead, Renovia takes advantage of infrastructure that’s already in place: the home’s electrical wiring. Plus, in a move that will make interior designers happy, Renovia doesn’t even require in-wall controllers; in fact, a Renovia system can be installed in such a way as to be virtually invisible to the homeowner and visitors to the home! Renovia is the only system that can offer such a design-friendly capability.

Attendees can also stop by and see other upcoming NuVo products, including a server that brings internet radio, iTunes, Windows Media Player and other digital content to NuVo systems; a stunning color touch pad controller, and more! And, of course, the industry’s first (and still only) ENERGY STAR whole home audio system, Essentia E6G, will be on hand, along with NuVo’s flagship Grand Concerto system.

And let’s not forget to rock. NuVo will give away B.C. Rich Trace Warbeast electric guitars (and corresponding Guitar Hero/Rock Band controllers) each day on the show floor. To get a chance to win, attendees must stop by the NuVo booth and sign up!

For more information, visit NuVo’s online press site.

NuVo Terminates Two Dealers for Violating Its Internet Sales Policy

August 20, 2009

CE Pro’s Tom LeBlanc yesterday published an interesting, detailed piece about NuVo Technologies’ termination of two dealers for selling its products over the internet, a clear violation of NuVo’s policy. Residential Systems’ Jeremy Glowacki also covered the NuVo story in-depth in the context of another manufacturer’s similar initiative.

Some people would say, hey, what’s the big deal? They’re just electronics products. If someone wants to eliminate the middleman, what’s the harm?

Well, it’s a big deal on two fronts. For one, NuVo’s whole home audio products are by no means DIY or off-the-shelf retail; they are clearly and explicitly meant to be professionally installed by an authorized dealer. Only someone who is trained in installing this stuff can fully understand its capabilities, install it properly and make it sing. These systems aren’t just something you plug into a wall; they require wires to be run throughout a house, inside the walls (and in the case of NuVo’s upcoming Renovia system for retrofits, they require a knowledge of electrical systems).

Not everything is meant to be bought on the internet. Like one of my other clients, Universal Remote Control, says, “Sure, you could buy an artificial heart online, but you’d probably want a trained professional to install it.” Of course, electronics products aren’t a matter of life or death, but you get the picture.

The other aspect of this is NuVo’s effort to support dealers who play by the rules. By dumping products on the internet, rogue dealers are negatively impacting policy-abiding dealers. If NuVo were to let the rogue dealers run willy-nilly, what would that say to its ethical dealers?

And what are those rogue dealers saying to the world about their own industry: custom installation? By selling installation-only products on the internet, or selling them to third-parties who resell them online, these dealers are implicitly and wrongly communicating to the public that their custom installation services aren’t really necessary. Essentially, they’re destroying the foundation of their businesses and their industry just to make a few quick bucks.

It’s great for the CEDIA channel that manufacturers like NuVo are standing up to the bad guys and protecting the good guys.

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What Is Multi-Room Audio? What Is Whole Home Audio?

July 23, 2009

When I tell people I represent NuVo Technologies, a lot of them ask what NuVo does. I tell them NuVo does whole home audio.

And then I ask if they’ve ever heard of whole home audio, or multi-room audio for that matter (NuVo and I prefer the more inviting term “whole home” as opposed to the more clinical “multi-room”, although they both mean the same thing).

Usually, the response I get is to the effect of, “Of course I know what whole-home audio is!”

But I press: “So what is it?”

The frequent response is something like: “You can hear your stereo through speakers in different rooms in the house.”

Well, that’s partially correct but it only scratches the surface of what a whole home audio system like NuVo’s can do.

A more descriptive but far more wonky term for what NuVo does would be multi-source, multi-zone audio.

Yikes… what’s that? Quite simple and quite cool: You have multiple sources of audio that go to multiple zones (rooms or outdoor areas) of a house. You either have user controls mounted on the wall in each zone, or you can use a wireless device or web browser for user control. You also have speakers in each zone.

Wait, you might ask: What are multiple sources of audio? Think AM/FM and satellite radio, think internet radio and services like Pandora, think iPods in network-connected docks, think all of your iTunes and Windows Media Audio content residing on your PCs and servers, think even old-school devices like CD players. That’s enough variety and choice to keep you entertained for a while, I’d say.

In each zone, the user can select any of these sources instantly through his or her on-wall or wireless user control, and enjoy that selected source immediately. The cool thing is, other users in other rooms have that same option, meaning that numerous different sources can be played in different zones at the same time. This setup is perfect for families where, for example, Dad likes sports talk on AM, mom likes 80s music on XM, the son likes Pandora and the daughter likes her iTunes.

Once installed by a professional, a whole home audio system like NuVo’s is easy to use. You won’t need boomboxes in every room anymore, for starters.

I’ll have more to share about this pretty exciting product category going forward. Thanks for reading!

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NuVo Technologies Announces Effective Treatment for Manic Compression

April 15, 2008

I’ve never been a fan of compressed music, even on an iPod. I love the sound of a live band recording in a nice-sounding room. I love round sounds. When it comes to the highly-compressed MP3s and AAC files commonly found on the internet, the cymbals sound so tinny and the guitars sound so invisible and the music sounds so flat and shrill that my iPod has been officially retired, gathering dust with my Intellivision and my cassingles.

Now I can just imagine how I’d feel about taking those selfsame files to their absurd conclusion: playing them throughout my house or, worse, through an audiophile-grade home theater system. Oh, the agony.

This is what 830 CDs now looks like.So when my client NuVo Technologies stepped to me with its new 500GB (that’s a half-TERABYTE) NV-M3-500 music server, I was afraid I’d hear the usual “You can store eight zillion iTunes tracks on here!” spiel. I should have known to trust them, though, because these people are just as deadly serious about music as I am. Instead of the “more of less is more” pitch, NuVo told me, and is telling its customers, to put uncompressed WAV files on the NV-M3-500 to best take advantage of the ample storage space it offers. NuVo’s engineers say you can fit the equivalent of 830 full-length albums of uncompressed, CD-quality tracks on this slim and sexy server, which appears to take up a lot less space than the usual suspects.

I’ll take two, please.

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