Al Gore to Keynote GreenBuild Conference

August 25, 2009

I’m heading to GreenBuild this year with Kim and I couldn’t be more excited as I’ve heard from multiple sources that it is inspiring and full of knowledgeable and passionate people in the green building and energy fields.  I hope it will be refreshing because while I’ve been to a number of energy and sustainability shows this past year, I have yet to feel truly wowed but any of them.  In fact, what I’ve really found is that it’s a lot of the same people talking to each other about a lot of the same things.

That said, GreenBuild is said to be a worthwhile experience and the USGBC just announced the Al Gore will be the keynote speaker at this year’s event!

via USGBC:

Nobel Laureate, best-selling author, and the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary – the Honorable Al Gore will address thousands of Greenbuild attendees at Chase Field in Phoenix, Ariz. as part of the Greenbuild Opening Keynote & Celebration on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Along with four terms in Congress, two terms in the Senate, and two terms as Vice President, Gore has written the bestsellers Earth in the BalanceAn Inconvenient Truth and the just-released “Our Choice.” The first 5,000 full-conference attendee registrants will receive a complimentary copy of Gore’s latest book “Our Choice” and all other attendees will be able to purchase the book on site.

Gore is chairman of the Emmy-award winning Current TV; chairman of Generation Investment Management, a firm focused on a new approach to sustainable investing; is a member of the board of directors of Apple; a senior adviser to Google; and a partner with the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He is also a Visiting Professor at Middle Tennessee State University and chairs the Alliance for Climate Protection, a non-profit organization designed to help solve the climate crisis.

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Recipe for launching a website in 4 weeks

December 2, 2008

Five people to research and draft copy
One very patient and passionate web designer
Two extremely patient and accessible web programmers
One photo editing program that freezes your computer on a regular basis
Two cameras (and several memory cards worth of photography)
One sitemap that changed daily
One brilliant logo design
Many, many, many changes
Several dashes of crazy
Six cups of blind determination

Throw in an overtired boss and you’ve got a fully-functioning, completely gorgeous (in my opinion) website. 

We’ve finally launched Green Life Smart Life, Caster’s newest client and brand new initiative in the green living and green tech space.  Along with the project comes the website – which will serve as our way of updating everyone what’s happening on the project on a day to day basis.

Visit the site and check out our labor of love


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The Earth is NOT Your Dumpster

October 16, 2008

I simply do not understand why some people feel that it is ok to throw trash wherever they stand. Smokers are hands down the worse culprits. I mean a cigarette butt is small so it doesn’t count as trash when you flick it on the sidewalk or when you toss it out the window on the highway and it bounces off the hood of my car. Right?


Construction workers have the same mentality. When I arrived at the Green Life | Smart Life  job site today I was saddened to see the amount of trash that had accumulated in just two short days. Plastic cups (ugh) and soda cans were inside our freshly poured foundation walls. While my husband stood talking to the foundation contractor (who was inhaling Tic Tacs which he promptly emptied), mid sentence he takes that little plastic container and heaves it into our foundation. Seriously!

Appalled. That’s all I can say. I was appalled.


We’re building green. We’re trying to make a difference. You think we’re a dump site.


We explained our project. We explained our position. All trash that comes onsite is to be sorted and recycled, or carried out. You will be penalized (a paragraph we are now adding to all sub contractor contracts moving forward) if we find trash on the site or material wasted or even items not properly recycled in the provided dumpsters and bins.


Our point was heard loud and clear. All trash was collected and recycled.


Score 1 for the earth.


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Green Life Smart Life

October 9, 2008
Green Life | Smart Life is a custom home building project that will demonstrate that real life homeowners can make smart decisions which benefit their families by selecting eco-friendly, modern choices that reflect the needs of everyday living environments and personal lifestyles. Being built on the beautiful Rhode Island coast, the home in its final celebration will demonstrate real life applications in creating sustainable living and healthy environments in conjunction with custom electronics that embrace today’s smart home technology. With a unique set of building constraints, such as managing Coastal Resources, 130 MPH wind zones building codes, maximizing ocean views plus understanding the LEED process, the project will be a step-by-step showcase for builders, sub contractors, product manufacturers and technology companies as more and more families attempt to live green. If you are interested in learning more about the project and how you can participate, email me at klancaster [at] The plans are done, the permits filed and the excavator broke ground today. The website will be live shortly, so check back with us!

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