The Crap in my In Box

March 6, 2009

I hate my in box.

If I get on a phone call and don’t read email and the call in one hour long, when I get off, I have at least 50 emails.

If I got to status, and it drags on as it usually does for upwards of two hours, I come back to 75 emails (lower than average because my staff is at status with me and hence they are not replying all or emailing me at all).

Overnight, I average 110 – 140 emails EVERY night.

I hate my in box.

I swear I am on every email list out there. Top emailers who assault me daily:

1. Lands End — Is it really necessary to email 5 times per day. I like your stuff. I will buy bathing suits for my children, but please, please stop emailing me.

2. MediaBistro — I signedup for one newsletter, I get on average 4-6 emails a day. I’ve tried to unsubscribe, but they keep coming.

3. PRSA – I have an entire rule dedicated to emails from the PRSA, I received 76 emails in February and that was a short month.

4. Newsletters. I dont’ know what happened here but I get every newsletter under the sun. My unread newsletters folder stands at 398 since February 2nd, and this doesn’t include the ones I read or that don’t have a rule attached. These include: CEPro, CEA Smartbrief, Dealerscope, min, HARO and  Chris Brogan (this alone adds another 6 per day)! I just can’t keep up.

5. Twitters. Qwitters. Tweeple Groups. Tweetworks. Lots and lots…398 unread at last count.

6. Narragansett Elementary – yes, my daughters school is email crazy. I can get 3-5 emails per day. Volunteer for this. PTO meeting. Soccer sign up. Book fundraiser. Blanket Bidding, Pizza pig out. How about 1 per week and summarizing?

7. AMEX – Yes, I know my bill is due.  I knew it 14 days ago, 12 days ago, 10 days ago, 5 days ago, and I still know it. I get it, you want me to pay my bill.

8. Ashley – Yes, you hold the record (aside from Joe) as most emails in my in box.

9. Don’t laugh too hard Lauren your second.

10. LinkedInUpdates – why can’t they just send them to my LinkedIn account. Maybe I don’t want to be so linked.

Just keeping my inbox workable, organized and clutter free takes me at least an hour a day. And I’ve lost control of it. My emails total more than 500 per day, that’s not including my spam which gets filtered. I’ve tried assigning by topics, by person, by client, by attachments, by importance. I’ve tried not being on email and just checking it at certain times (HA!) and nothing works. Our connectivity is destroying my productivity and I am not alone.

Excellent, only 2 days left for kids bathing suits. Lands End say I should act now.

Yes, I’m turning my OOF on and going to bed.

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I’m So Blogging This

January 7, 2009

We all  know the drill – every year, someone declares blogging is dead and suddenly everyone in the blogosphere throws a hissy fit, waving their collective arms and screaming – nu uh!  (Def: nu-uh: The sound made when one is trying to decline the truth or existence of an action or statement.  Usually utilized by children.)   Want to see some irony?  Google (or Live Search…ahem…) “blogging is dead.”  What do you see?  Do you see the article in the November issue of Wired telling us to delete our blogs, they don’t matter aymore?  No.  You see blog entries, all responding to the claim.  Ah yes, surely a sign of the terminal illness blogging is so aptly diagnosed with, year after year. 

Snarkiness aside, I think most of us agree blogging is anything but dead.  Sure you have to wade through so much more to get to the good stuff, but there is still good stuff.   For some it may be quantity over quality but I read plenty of blogs that are chock full of informative and interesting content on a pretty regular basis. 

This leads me to my question of the day – why do people blog?  What makes someone sign onto WordPress or Blogger, create a name and start typing away?  And what does it take to have a successful blog?  And what does it having a successful blog mean anyway? 

I’ve got some theories but I don’t think it’s a one size fits all scenario.  Caster, for example, started this blog as a way to exercise our creative writing skills and give our clients and industry friends a taste of our personalities in one daily dose.  Green Life Smart Life started its blog as a resource for all things green and as a way to provide updates on the project and construction of their home.  Some blogs serve as news sources, some as gossip sites, some to connect a community based around common interests, some just simply to journal.

I used to have a public personal blog.  And I suspect I will again soon though it will serve a bit of a different purpose.  I still have a personal blog, but it is anonymous and I’m not even sure where the web traffic comes from.  It’s a different type of outlet for me, a way to journal without the paper and pencil or worrying about my hard drive crashing. 

So tell me, do you blog?  If so, why?  And more importantly, why do you read this blog? 

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A necessary toast

October 24, 2008

I’m just going to put it out there – I love weddings. I love getting decked out to go to weddings, I love the (generally) fantastic food, open bars, dancing with friends and celebrating two people embarking on a new life together. Cheesy? Perhaps. In my opinion, a wedding is just one giant party and who loves a good party? This girl.

So it is with great excitement and anticipation that I get to blog today about one of my very best friends and colleagues and her wedding tonight. Yes, one of the Caster girls is getting married and it only seemed appropriate that I tell all our industry friends about it. Molly (you can read about her here) met her soon to be husband over seven years ago – back when they were both young college undergrads and tomorrow, they’ll celebrate in front of their friends and family.

I am so, so happy for them and know how important this day has been for her. I can’t wait to watch her face as she walks down the aisle – but let’s be honest, I’m also equally excited to crack open that bottle of sparkling Italian wine with her, toast to a new adventure and enjoy the party.

So to my partner in crime – congratulations!! Love you to pieces – I can’t wait for the open bar.

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