Are you ready for some football?

January 30, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII is Sunday. The Cardinals versus the Steelers. Oh the excitement. Okay, so our office of New England and Philly fans is left a wee bitter.

As an avid sports fan, I would have the entire day, complete with venue, menu and beverage(s) of choice planned for weeks in advance… Seadog Blueberry, yum. This year, the evening of friends, feasting, and football (in that order), will be left to a game-time decision. As a marketing professional, however, I AM still excited to see this year’s commercials. Not only for the creativity and humor, but to see which companies fit Super Bowl ads into the dwindling (slaughtered) budgets of 2009.

If you have not read Jerry Mullman’s recent article in AdvertisingAge, “Yes, the Super Bowl is Well Worth $3M a Spot”, take a gander. Great article (particularly for marketing professionals) and a testament to the benefits of advertising in a tough economy. Mullman speaks with executives regarding their decision to advertise, even at the often ostentatious SB rates. A unanimous decision, Super Bowl is deemed well worth the investment. Each returning advertiser recorded significant and tangible pay off in years past – increased web traffic, publicity, and sales – as a result of commercial spots. (See results inserted below)

A Pepsi spokesman commented, “We almost can’t afford not to advertise…It’s no accident we’ve been doing this for 23 straight years.” (I am now trying unsuccessfully to think of a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. I cannot think of one. Cindy Crawford? THINK. Ugh. I’ll chalk this up to me not being a soda drinker, because I do believe this to be an impactful statement.)

Great food for thought. It will also be interesting to see how (if) advertisers’ messaging and creative changes to reflect the current economic landscape. Less slap-stick and head-scratching humor, more call to action?! We’ll see. Well, hopefully WE will see, if I can pry myself away from the buffalo chicken dip long enough to observe.

Be safe, enjoy the festivities, and GO … PATS! (had to do it…) Would love to hear about your favorites on Monday. 

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