Fwitters? Twakes? Fritters? Mmm… Fritters.

November 29, 2008

You know, whatever you want to call fake Twitter accounts, of which Shaquille O’Neal was a victim until recently.

Not so Martian.

Shaq: Martian. Greg Oden (not pictured): Not so Martian.

Well, now that Shaq not only is aware of Twitter, but is on Twitter, he’s infatuated with it, and his account is richly entertaining on so many levels. Please, if you’re on Twitter… follow the Diesel. It is so worth it. If you’re not on Twitter, join it just to follow the Diesel. Dude’s a bazillionaire athlete who nevertheless eats the worst chain food imaginable. Witness “ABOUT TO EAT DINNER, I PASSED UP 20 MCDONALDS TODAY. I COULDNT DO IT I’M ON A DIET,BUT MCDONALDS FRIES R THE BEST UM UM UM” and “I need help subway or schlotsskys for lunch, big game tonite” (hey, what message does this send to the kids from Shaq’s Big Challenge, anyway?). But he also dispenses some quick wit, some fascinating insight, a glimpse behind the scenes at NBA life and the NBA fraternity (“Last nite i told greg oden , “we r not the same, i am a martian”), a philanthropic urge that will make you go “aw” (“On my way to oklahoma city, gettin ready to send 2 million lbs of peanut butta to africa”), and the occasional tweet that makes you ponder what really goes on with Shaq, the world around him and our world in general (“Does anyone have the names of the 14 people bush gave pardons”).

Ultimately, the Shaq Twitter saga is about reputation management, about owning a corporate or personal identity, about brand protection. Even if your client or your company isn’t tweeting, it’s a good idea to check if somebody you don’t know is doing it for you and making you look bad or much worse.

Posted by: Joe Paone