Sing Karaoke with a Toilet plunger? No Thanks

May 9, 2009

Can somebody please explain this to me?


I found this while taking a gander at Gizmodo. I love the Wii, many of us do. I hate karaoke. I hate to do it because I sound worse than Ashlee Simpson (and you cant lip-sync karaoke) and I hate to watch others try because even if they sound like a choir of angels I still feel embarrassed for them. I know, I know, I’m a giant buzz kill. But can somebody please explain HOW this new peripheral for the Wii is a step up from a regular microphone? Karaoke Joysound Wii (by Hudson) comes with the “Not Noisy Kara Ok” microphone. It’s supposed to keep the noise level down for those who live in apartments and have ornery neighbors. But doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? Don’t you want to hear your friends make fools of themselves? And as for me, not only do I refuse to sing in front of anyone, but I am absolutely not going to sing into a toilet plunger that has been collecting the spit of every other singing sensation in my living room. I’ll stick with Mario Party 8, thanks.

Published by: Ashley (intern)