Is the economy straining more than the bank accounts? Client – vendor relationships.

May 29, 2009

Job cuts. Salary cuts. Hours cut. Budget cuts. We are all too well aware of the realities our respective businesses are facing.  So-called “savvy” customers and companies are tightening their belts and seeking out bargain prices and value-adds in the products and services they purchase. What if you business proposition already provides high-value and the biggest bang-for-the-buck? Do you change your business model? Do you offer services for free? It is a slippery slope to consider, and frankly, a step that you cannot afford to take.

PR is a cost effective way to keep your brand alive and awareness high in a challenging economic market. While it is understandable that clients are demanding more results, more support, and additional responsibilities from the extended marketing team, this inevitably causes account time overages. It’s a simple principle: products and services cost money. Time is money. In PR, time is also results.  So when do you say when to the growing list of demands when clients’ budgets are dwindling? 

Across all industries, client and vendor relationships are being strained for this very reason. Yesterday’s MediaBistro alert included “The Client-Vendor Relationship, Explained in Real World Scenarios”, originating from a post from the PR-Squared blog. Take a look. I think this video truly transcends professions to provide viewers with a better understanding of our respective business partners.

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