Decompression: CEDIA Edition

September 10, 2008

Well.  As you can see, our posting sort of dwindled towards the last week of August and first few weeks of September.  There’s this little thing called CEDIA and in Caster world, that means late nights at the office, press release writing marathons and general chaos and pandamonium.  Ok, I exaggerate (slightly) but the truth is, it is the busiest time of the year in our industry and as we are just now decompressing from the whole thing, I thought I’d offer some of my thoughts on the show.

  • Trade show banter : In the normal world, you might engage someone in casual conversation by commenting on the weather – or some other universal happening to which we can all relate.   In trade show world, you are more apt to hear things like How’s your show going?  Or Have a good show!  Or see anything interesting at the show?  The answers are typically, “Busy but good” and “Thanks you too!” and also “Yeah, <insert company name> has a great demo of <insert company product>”  After listening to this banter for four straight days, you may find that your brain has melted slightly.
  • Lack of a decent meal :  Sure you might have a press or manufacturer dinner that will get you off the show floor and into a restaurant that will serve something that’s not pre-wrapped.  But while you are working 10 hours on the show floor?  You can expect to eat pretty much the worst crap you’ve ever tasted in your life.  When walking with a client to grab a bite to eat before another round of press appointments, I found myself staring at the menu of the show floor “Grill” which included a variety of precooked meat and also some cookies and chips.  I ordered a no-salt pretzel and even that was sub-par.  How do you get twisted baked bread dough wrong? 
  • Work hard, play hard.  This is a value espoused by many CEDIA EXPO attendees, exhibitors and press.  We work all day, maybe we change into something that doesn’t have our brand logos all over it and we work / play all night.  Universal Remote Control was sure to display this attitude when they hosted over 650 of there dealers at an all out party / bowling event at Lucky Strike on the 16th Street Mall.  Who knew remotes could be so exciting?  That’s a group that not only values their dealers and wants to show it but knows how to throw a shindig. 

For me, the highlight of the show came towards the very end, when an event that I had worked on for months on end finally came to fruision, after only minor setbacks that invovled a large shuttle bus, some press and a very confusing baseball stadium.  Sitting back, watching members of the press (many of them good friends of Caster), our clients, and their partners all celebrate and enjoy the winner of a contest and the end of a show, I thought to myself – working hard is worth every ounce of effort when you are able to accomplish what you set out to do. 

So we’re back, digging out of emails, doing follow-up and putting together reports and glad to have another 360 days till next time.  Though I will say, I’m going to miss Denver.

Posted by : Ashley