What’s Caster Blog?

Caster Blog is the official blog of Caster Communications, a full-service PR firm based in Wakefield, Rhode Island.  A daily peek into the thoughts and ideas of our innovative staff, Caster Blog provides an insight into the grind of PR – from new trends in the industry to observations on the ever-changing role of PR professionals in the communications world. Social Media,  Twitter, Online Reputation Mangement, Brand Building, Traditional and Web 2.0 PR, our musings are designed to inspire.

About Caster Staff:

We are smart. We practice what we preach.

Some of us our techies. One of us wants to be a wind farmer. All of us voted.

One of us has cats. Two of us are parents. Three of us have dogs.

One of us is getting a sustainable MBA. Most of us love wine (one of us has a cellar). All of us love food. Two of us worship cheese.

All of us tweet. Most of us are on Facebook. Half of us ski. Two of us snowboard. All of us love the ocean.

All of us believe music shapes your soul.  Two of us are locavores.

Some of us own houses. Some of us rent. One of us has a renewable energy system.

All of us have home theater speakers. We have one who says “I am a Mac” and seven of us would say “we are PCs”.

Some of us garden. Some of us are funny. Some of us think we’re funny.

All of us are good at what we do.

We’re always looking for new topics to delve into and learn more about.   Have a question or suggestion?  Email us :: caster@castercomm.com

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