Twitter Snapshot – A Random Sampling of Recommended Reading

July 15, 2009

In a departure from normal pontificating, today I am making Twitter work for me by allowing the social networking service to write my blog post. All of these “tweets” were copied from my feed of followers on July 15 between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. It would be a lie to say I thoroughly read all of  articles or posts linked below but I still think it’s an interesting snapshot.

The tweeps I follow are an assortment of PR 2.0 mavens, brand managers, social media gurus (hate that term), foodies and various tech/consumer media. That said, I can’t confirm the profundity of items listed below so if you have a beef with what’s written, take it up with the person whose feed is listed at the beginning. The only rule is that the person must be linking to an article or post of some sort and not selling a service or hawking something they’ve created.

@rvabusiness – RT @LaniAR: 1 click & Kraft donates 10 boxes of mac to Feeding America

@swoodruff  – Face-to-Face Still Tops for Purchase Decisions – MarketingVOX

@socialMedia411 – Hundreds Of Confidential Twitter Documents Hacked Via Google Apps Hole And Sent To TechCrunch:

@Sirjohn_writer – RT @charbrown: “Lethal Generosity” – The Coin of the Realm in Social Networking  Please retweet.

@wbaustin – If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse.  – Naomi, 15 Advice from Kids

@GuyKawasaki – How to be a great panelist:

@SteelyDaniel – Virgin w/Down syndrome rejecting offers to get laid #digg

@briansolis – Reading: Advice for Graduating PR Students by @nicolejordan

@HighTechDad – Consumerist – Unruly Teen Charges $23 Quadrillion At Drugstore – Visa buxx (me: one way to jump start the economy!)

@RobMcNealy – Can wellness programs save companies money?

@SiliconVllyNews – SFGate: United Air Lines learns the power of viral revenge Full

While this blog effort reeks of laziness, the bigger goal here is to show non-twitter users the type of on-demand information available, compelling or not. Whether it’s professional development, instant news updates, crappy one-liners, virginity or even local traffic reports, chances are you’ll find someone doling it out on Twitter.

Posted by: Nick