URC Opens the Toolbox at CEDIA EXPO 2009

September 11, 2009

Collaboration and community are the names of the game in software development these days. The URC Toolbox, to be unveiled at CEDIA EXPO 2009 in Booth 1443, brings that spirit to the custom installation world.

The URC Toolbox, located on the members-only URC Control Room site (www.urccontrolroom.com), enables URC dealers, installers and industry partners to share, buy and sell control modules, templates, graphics and other programming elements they create for URC products. Most modules will be available free of charge, but users can also opt to sell their creations, generating a back-end revenue stream for their businesses in the process. Users can upload, download or purchase modules, or just browse for inspiration.


Developers keep 80 percent of the revenue generated by their contributions to the URC Toolbox. All financial transactions are conducted through the popular PayPal service. Pricing is the decision of each developer; URC expects prices for Toolbox apps will range from free-of-charge to $500 or more.

URC itself will offer a variety of hardware and software through the Toolbox, including replacement batteries, charger bases, cables and more. All of URC’s MX-6000 control modules will be free to download from the Toolbox, as will podcasts of URC training classes.

URC will have more information about the Toolbox at its booth, where it will also show loads of new products, such as its first ZigBee products (the MX-880Z remote and MRZ-260 Base Station), the first wand-style color touch screen remote with haptic (vibrating feedback) technology (the MX-5000), the ultimate iPod dock (the PSX-2 Personal Server), and single-room lighting control products that are a breeze to install and are natively controlled by a URC remote.

Beyond products, URC at CEDIA is traditionally about education and treating its dealers right, and this year is no exception. In addition to a variety of training classes, URC will offer dealers a chance to go one-on-one with URC Vice President of Technology Eric Johnson and the URC Product Development Team from 11 to noon on Thursday, to be followed by URC’s Top Gun programming contest, to be held from 12:15 to 4. Fun, games and prizes await at the contest. Both events will be held at Training Room A412. (We would be remiss to not mention that URC will give away over $250,000 worth of prizes to installers at CEDIA EXPO 2009!)

For more information, please visit URC’s online press site.