From Video to Mounts, from Speakers to Control…Caster Clients totalled more than 500 stories off CEDIA

October 15, 2009

Coming off CEDIA is always a busy time at Caster. With ten clients on the floor, prepping for the show is hard enough, but coming back everyone wants their show reports. The line up of press stories they had is what keeps our clients smiling and keep us slammed through Columbus Day. If you estimate seven clients with two news releases each multiplied times 50 top tier news outlets covering the show, we captured over 500 news articles.

These are some of my favorites this year:

1. Paradigm: CEPro’s Julie Jacobson’s recap of her Toronto trip and blind listening of the new SE speakers attained a lot of buzz. Steven Kim at Engadget sure appreciated the story and supplied his take, the comments are especially titillating

2. Control4: With back to back shows, news from Control4 spanned the energy and utility space and its core business in home automation. Smart Grid News offered this take Texas Utility Choses Control4 for HAN Control and Energy Management while Stewart Wolpin wrote this on the new EMS 100 system for DVICE. Janet Pinkerton’s take on how the Smart Grid is going to impact CE retail and custom installers was a hit over at Dealerscope.

3. NuVo had a tremendous show nabbing  2009 CEDIA Manufacturers’ Excellence Award, Best New Product: Renovia and the press agreed with stories like – NuVo Renovia May Be Harbinger of Future and Twice’s  Retrofit, Remodeling Get CEDIA Expo Focus.

4. OmniMount had a powerhouse of a show as furniture and  TV Mounting Options Continue To Expand and with lots of sightings of their OmniLite Series, New Classic Series and Modena Series, and a huge volume of hourly giveaways posted through their Twitter site.

5. MartinLogan impressed the audio crowd at this year’s  Expo. offers this CEDIA 2009 Martin Logan Booth Tour and highlights MartinLogan Shows Wireless Subwoofers: Dynamo 700 and 1000.

6. Anthem ran a great demo showing of their Statement D2V, fans flocked and the booth was slammed throughout the show. Home Theater Review posted their thoughts on the Anthem Statement D2v with Anthem Room Correction Reviewed.

7. Runco rounded out our clients at CEDIA with one of the most applauded video demos at the show, from their new entry level LightSyle to the debut of their Quantum LED line, the pools of drool were deep and accolades many as attested by Projector Central’s  Runco Takes Xtreme DLP Projection to the Next Level…  and with their Price check – Runco’s LS-3 projector within reach of mere mortals.

All in all, I’d say a very good show!

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Runco Launches LED projectors

September 22, 2009

On September 9th Runco ( unveiled the company’s new QuantumColor™ Q-750i and Q-750d projectors. Runco, the leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions, has shaped the home theater projector market for the past 20 years. Now, the company has changed the landscape of custom home theater projection yet again with its QuantumColor Series.

Runco’s QuantumColor series pairs game-changing, energy-saving LED technology with proprietary Runco engineering feats to create unsurpassed performance and unrivaled customization.

Key features and proprietary technology include:

  • Runco’s revolutionary lampless InfiniLight™ LED illumination technology
  • Never-before-seen color gamut and Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer™ proprietary color management
  • Exclusive Runco SmartColor™ hue compensation curve and gamut mapping for accurate flesh tones
  • Next-generation all-digital internal and external video processor/controller
  • Uses 70% less power than lamp-based projection with Runco InstantOn™, eliminating the need to leave projector in power-consuming “standby” mode

Check out all of Runco’s new product announcements at, including:


  • Runco’s three new LightStyle™ Series projectors – Featuring breakthrough video performance and pricing
  • New Video Xtreme VX-33i, VX-33d, VX-3000i, VX-3000d and VX-3000d Ultra projectors – Each brings Xtreme DLP projection to the ultimate level for exceptional home theaters.
  • Runco’s FIVE new Crystal Portfolio™ LCDs – Featuring five new LCD Displays with three new screen sizes: CX-42HD; CX-OPAL42; CX-55HD; CX-OPAL55 and CX-OPAL65.
  • Runco’s new, next generation Digital High-Definition (DHD 3) external video processor controller

Runco Introduces New Projector Lineups

September 17, 2009

Runco was the buzz of CEDIA. Everywhere you went, you were asked “Have you seen the Q?”. Didn’t get a chance to get by the training rooms to check it out for yourself? No problem! Bob Hana took us through the exciting product announements at CEDIA. See what they are and how they are going to help your business.

Consumer electronics manufacturers are running their own “Cash for Clunkers” programs targeting consumers and dealers.

August 21, 2009

It’s the last weekend to turn in your heaps of metal (once referred to as cars) as Monday, September 24th, marks the last day of the US’s Cash for Clunkers program. With the $3 billion of government funding quickly running out, the program has thus far amounted to 457,000 car deals and pay outs of $1.9 billion in rebates (per this morning). The “success” of the program is yet to be determined, but car dealers need to hurry to be sure to submit all necessary paperwork (which I hear is a BEAR and quite extensive) by 8pm EST on Monday. Regardless of the outcome, this element of the government stimulus package certainly injected some much-needed consumer activity into our waning economy.

This week, Home Theater Review’s Jerry Del Colliano posted a great story “Cash for Clunkers – Meet the AV Business” article. It is a good read that likens the struggling custom install consumer electronics industry to the plight of automakers. Though GM, Ford, and the “lucky” car dealers (the definition of lucky yet to be determined) are benefitting from TARP program funding, there are plenty of other dealers throughout the country who are equally struggling to move inventory.

The Las Vegas market is one of the many nationwide to be virtually devastated (not to be dramatic, but the news makes the once burgeoning community sound like the ghost town of old) by the current economic climate. HTR’s article focuses primarily on one high-end AV dealer that is weathering the storm thanks to ample investor funding, but “Craig’s” business is being burdened by older AV product in its showroom and a plethora of inventory.

“Cash for Clunkers – Meet the AV Business” notes the “lip service that AV manufacturers give towards ‘dealer support’… You’d see how you could get an extra five percent off a nice big new order to help offset the trade-in costs. Everybody wins and everything moves forward for the first time in over a year in the world of specialty audio-video.” Well, that is exactly what Runco, a leading manufacturer of luxury video solutions in the custom CE installation industry, intended with its TradeUp and TradeOut program that launched earlier this year.

Residential Systems magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jeremy Glowacki, recently spoke with Runco’s VP of worldwide sales, Bob Hana, about this very topic; providing value to Runco customers and Runco dealers for older product and putting that value towards new, upgraded gear for their homes and showrooms.

In a recent conversation, Hana reminded me that step one of fundamental selling during tough times is to reach back to past customers, especially because so many new technologies have been introduced recently. “A lot of things have changed in the last six months to a year in this industry,” he said. “You’ve got every excuse in the world to upgrade. There’s the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, 1080p video, and Blu-ray.”

Though the specifics of the program is a mixed recipe consisting of a little of this and that, from both the dealer and manufacturer, the program has proved to be successful for those taking advantage of the opportunity. Time will tell if Runco, like the TARP program, was overwhelmingly successful in its efforts to inject sales life, activity and profit into its dealers’ businesses, but thus far, feedback has been positive.

“Runco is creating a sales opportunity where there otherwise might not have been one,” said Gramophone’s Josh Shobe about the program. “Right now, that kind of support is invaluable.”

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Audio-Video Design is having a PARTY, and you’re invited…

May 1, 2009

Audio-Video Design, a Newton, MA based custom installation consumer electronics dealer is turning 35! The “home entertainment and technology authority in the Greater Boston area” is inviting guests to the company’s newly remodeled showroom on Saturday, May 2, 2009.  AVD will be showcasing the latest in CE technology for the home in the company’s dedicated home theater and media room facilities.  Talk about great set-up for a party!

Learn what automated lighting control, whole-home distributed audio and home theater video display solutions can do for you when integrated into your home. Word has it that some of the newest video projectors and LCD display products from Runco (as well as other manufacturers) will be on display!

…so back to the PARTY… AVD’s showroom from 10am til 7pm. If you are in the area there will be free food, drinks, activities, prizes, giveaways and live learning sessions! (…this is where I should probably add a cheesy marketing riff about embracing technology… ) Great tech, great food, and AVD’s great/knowledgeable staff – don’t miss it.

RSVP for the event by calling the showroom at 617.965.4600.

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Why Runco is Reaffirming its Commitment to Flat Panels

April 28, 2009

In recent months we’ve heard from a number of “big name”, who will remain unnamed, manufacturers announcing significant changes within their flat panel product portfolios and even abandoning plasma displays altogether.

These big-brand names are jumping ship which has (at varying levels) led consumers and retailers to wonder if plasma is dead, because of lack of demand for their products. There has been speculation that plasma TVs are too expensive and questions if there is even a difference in video quality and performance versus LCD.

Runco is a leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions. The products are sold and installed by Runco’s network of trained and authorized custom installation professionals who provide world-class expertise and service…Yes, they cost a pretty penny. Why? Premium products and service and solutions.  Runco plasma and LCD displays are customized to provide the best, most accurate, high-fidelity, cinematic-quality video possible; each for  different rooms and applications. They boast different technology, different price points, and offer different solutions for customers who demand the best. That’s what “custom” is all about!

Today, Runco reaffirms its committment to flat panel technology by providing the widest range of plasma and LCD displays that offer the most advanced video technology for any viewing environment, including:

  • A refreshed portfolio of plasmas from 50 to 103 inches that boasts Runco’s signature processing and technology enhancements for the most accurate colorimetry available – perfect for low-lit rooms and theaters;
  • A full-line of 1080p Crystal Series LCDs for rooms of distinction with high levels of ambient light.  Screen sizes range from 32 to 70-inches;
  • And, the only LCDs and plasmas available with Runco’s exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology. When applied to LCDs, OPAL preserves the integrity of the video content in high ambient light that competes with and degrades the images. When applied to plasma, OPAL thrives in darker rooms by enhancing black levels, detail and clarity of the image. And, when applied to Runco’s Climate Portfolio WP-OPAL42 (weather-proof) LCD, you get pool-side outdoor entertainment like no other TV!

Check out Runco’s full line of premium flat panel displays and projectors at To experience a Runco-quality home entertainment for yourself, locate the Runco dealer nearest to you and make an appointment to demo products in their showroom.

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Warning: Halloween can be very scary!

October 28, 2008

It has been the topic of conversation by the water cooler here at Caster, as well with some of my concerned clients… WHAT are you going to be for Halloween this year?!?

I am a Halloween grinch. Not that I do not love to admire others’ creativity, but after a minor mishap with my GENIUS Crayola box costume when I was younger (I could not walk up the stairs so my loving brothers “got my candy for me”… yeah right!) I have since taken the easy way out when it comes to October 31st attire.

This year, I’m going to try to get back in the Halloween spirit. I’ve been scouring for an original costume and still searching. I thought others might need some help as well, so in preparation for this Friday’s festivities (and with incredible feedback from my cohorts), Caster came up with a few ideas for our industry friends.

Fearless leader of RGPC – Rick Komendera TRUMPS his power conditioning competitors!

Paradigm’s Mark Aling stuns the congregation with his off-color humor… he didn’t learn that here!

OmniMount’s Kim is simply FABulous, but beware of Dallas’ Cowboys fans! (This is her actual costume :))

Dare you ask how Sooloos get the idea for such an innovative entertainment server? Look no further than Rob Darling.

What kind of New England sports fan would I be if I forgot the Red Sox. Do you think YOUKKK would want an eSommelier Wine Management Server compliments of Joe Hageman? Surely he has the budget.


We also thought that some of our editorial partners may need some fresh costume ideas…

EGear and Custom Retailer editor Grant Clauser as Shazzan! …on second thought, that is too easy, but believable!

I would never want to get into an argument with CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson about one of her stories, but as Sarah Palin, I think I have the upper hand! Alaska – Minnesota, same difference!

Last, but not least… In preparation for his November 8th nuptials – R.I.P. Caster’s Bachelor, Joe Paone.

Need any more ideas? You know where to find me!

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