EngadgetHD Recognizes Quality

December 10, 2008

A fine write-up of a fine product was done by venerable EngadgetHD.com blogger Steven Kim whose knowledge of quality audio products is matched only by his debonair sense of style and scholarly approach to the written word.  

Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 25

Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 25

Of Paradigm’s revolutionary subwoofer, Mr. Kim eloquently points out…

Paradigm has equipped the SUB 25 with universal input power, which allows the subwoofer to operate intuitively on a 120 V or 230 V circuit. This is possible because the SUB 25 can handle the load from any line voltage between 108 V and 265 V..

This flexibility to accept a range of line voltages is welcome, but how this power is managed is even more critical. The SUB 25’s Power Factor Correction technology shapes the AC line input current to be sinusoidal and continuous in time. A unit without Power Factor Correction can only draw about 60 to 70 percent of the maximum available power because the current only flows at the peaks of the line voltage, essentially “choking” the line. The use of Power Factor Correction allows the SUB 25 to accept the maximum possible amount of input power, while its high-efficiency Ultra-Class D™ amplifier, rated at 7,500 watts Dynamic Peak and 3,000 watts sustained RMS, allows the maximum amount of output power. By combining both, the SUB 25 delivers the most power that can be obtained from the AC line


Posted by: Nick B.