Become a Fan of Paradigm on Facebook, Win a Cinema CT System

September 29, 2009

Paradigm Electronics, an international leader in speaker design wants YOU to be their friend on Facebook.

If you are on Facebook click here to find Paradigm’s page. Sign up as a friend of Paradigm and every thirty days, starting October 15th, they will choose a random “Friend” to win one of 6 Paradigm Cinema CT systems. If you are already a friend of Paradigm, you’re already in the draw!  You have six chances to win – and all you have to do is become a fan.

The Cinema CT systems are Paradigm’s most affordable complete and compact speaker systems to date and feature the company’s award-winning Monitor Series technology (the company’s affordable high-end line of speakers). With the Cinema™ CT line, Paradigm delivers real audiophile quality sound – at modest prices.

Cinema110CTWhile you’re there, why not become a fan of Caster Communications on Facebook as well?  We have less than 30 fans people.  This is a sad state.  Help us!

Paradigm Unleashes a Perfect Storm of Sound at CEDIA EXPO 2009

September 23, 2009

Paradigm Electronics, an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing is bringing some serious sound to the show floor at CEDIA EXPO 2009.  With a new version of its award-winning Reference Signature Series, a new hybrid breed of speakers that’s borrowed the best from the Monitor and Reference Studio and a sonic bulldog of a subwoofer.  Paradigm is also announcing its famous Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™) Room Correction System for every subwoofer in the Paradigm® collection. 

SE Series (Special Edition Collection)

  • Combining elements from the affordable audiophile-quality Paradigm line and higher-end Paradigm Reference line, the SE series speakers brings a new generation of affordable elegance to the company’s vast offerings.  Including the SE1 (bookshelf), SE3 (floorstanding), SE Sub and SE Center, the SE line will boast Paradigm’s SuperDrive technology, which combines very high efficiency with very high output and ultra-low distortion. The drivers represent a best of breed hybrid mix that includes high frequency drivers from the Paradigm Monitor Series and mineral-filled polypropylene bass/midrange drivers handed down right from the Paradigm Reference Studio Series. 

Reference Signature Series v.3

  • Third version of its flagship Paradigm® Reference Signature Series. Thousands of “no-holds-barred” Paradigm research and engineering hours went into developing the Signature Series v.3 speakers, which are the highest-output, most dynamic high-end loudspeakers ever produced.

Reference Seismic 110

  • The Reference Seismic 110 is a state-of the-art subwoofer in a diminutive form factor with every component designed specifically for this application. 
  • While designed to meet today’s demand for a small form factor in a subwoofer, don’t be fooled by the Seismic110’s diminutive proportions. It offers truly groundbreaking (and ground shaking!) performance. The soul of this little sonic bulldog is a unique implementation of the ultra-low-distortion split-coil drive woofer coupled with the muscle of an 850-watt RMS UltraClass D amplifier 

Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™) Upgrade

  • Paradigm is thrilled to announce the availability of the Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1™) Room Correction System for every subwoofer in the Paradigm® collection. With PBK, the effects of room boundaries on bass quality are a thing of the past. This state-of-the-art bass perfecting system will analyze your favorite Paradigm subwoofer’s response in your room, and then set the correct equalization parameters to obtain optimal sound.


  • Anthem will be showcasing a turn-key solution for dealers that includes the powerful 50v/D2v processor and the highly anticipated BLX 200 Blu-ray player with Paradigm speakers supporting the audio.  Stop by for a ground shaking demo!

To see the above products live in action, stop by the Paradigm & Anthem booth 3325 in Hall C and say hello!

For more information, press releases and images, visit the Paradigm press page.