Using video to quiet the “Nay!” sayers

July 10, 2009

OmniMount, a client who specializes in mount and furniture solutions for audio/video products, recently launched a new product – THE omnimount. Unlike the company’s traditional product line that is sold, and in some cases installed, by custom installation professionals, the new omnimount targets DIY-ers. It has a low price point, is available at more mainstream retailers (think Costco and Radio Shack), and is basically fool-proof to install.

Sounds great, right?! Well, the product launched and when publications posted the story (great PR team – wink), suddenly there were a handful of doubters posting comments challenging the strength of the ingenious, small-footprint wall brackets. They would never trust a contraption this small to hold their TV, especially not in drywall! (Keep in mind that the versatile mounting system is designed for small 13-42″ flat panels and has a UL listing for 40-80 lbs TVs).  Not sure if they are doubting the mount of their own DIY-ness here, but it did “tarnish” the otherwise great PR coverage. 

So, OmniMount developed a stress test video – The company has been making great strides integrating social media into their marketing and PR efforts over the past year and this video is just another example of how a picture (er, video) is worth a thousand (press release) words.

… Okay, so it may lack a bit in flourish and creativity, and kind of reminds me of a VH1 pop-up video from the 80’s, BUT it serves it purpose! The omnimount CLEARLY is strong enough to hold even the most obese of (13-42″) boob tubes. A great example of a company listening to its audience to address questions and concerns.

Check out the omnimount on OmniMount’s newly launched consumer website that now allows you (and these nay-sayers) to go right to the source and chat with an OmniMount service representative in real-time, among other user-friendly enhancements.

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