Consumer Electronics Industry Set for Bounce-Back

June 15, 2009

A new survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), reported by TWICE,  shows that sales in the consumer electronics industry should be on the upswing by 2010. Although sales will be down 0.5% this year, CEA is projecting a 1% growth in the third quarter and 1.5% growth in the fourth. They anticipate a 2.9% growth in 2010. The CEA is estimating that sales will bottom out during this quarter and then start their upswing.

In its Mid-Year CE Market Update, CEA focused on the flat panel TV business. They reported that individual manufacturers, distributors and retailers have been keeping lean inventories, but that overall shipments are up. Consumers also seem to be “trading down” in flat panel size, opting for the more affordable sub-40 inch models.

Several categories that seem to be on the rise are e-readers, netbooks and mini notebooks. CEA is estimating that 1.127 million e-reader will be shipped this year and by 2012 6.46 million will be sold that that $99 prices for e-books is possible by then. Screens that are larger, in color and have touch capabilities will become more popular and may also feature video and animation.

As a company that has numerous clients in this space, we are hoping that the CEA reports are accurate.

Any manufacturers, retailers or dealers out there seeing this growth take place, or projecting it to take place in their businesses?

Posted by: Lauren