We All Need Good News

March 17, 2009

At a time where print magazines are going out of business left and right (or switching to an all digital format), there are some books that seem to be not only surviving, but thriving.  One of these is my personal favorite magazine, a fairly recent discovery actually.  Ode Magazine is the self-proclaimed publication for “intelligent optimists” – in a world where almost all the news is bad news, Ode prides itself on the beacon of light it provides in the midst of the storm.   Ode looks to communities where people are doing good things, staying positive in the face of adversity, coming up with new solutions to age-old problems.  The magazine is truly an ode to these new inspired visions.

Ode targets the audience deemed culture creatives – the 50 million or so of us who make our purchasing decisions based on our moral, ethical, social and environmental concerns.  According to the Natural Marketing Institute, the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) sector is worth more than $209 billion in the US alone. 

Ode presents a mix of stories – profiles of social entrepreneurs, community outreach and activism stories, energy and environmental news and health and science updates.   While it doesn’t ignore the real problems facing modern society, Ode offers a more positive reflection on current events, pointing out those who are working to move forward as opposed to spending time on 24 hour news networks pointing fingers at who’s to blame. 

If you’re looking for some good news (as I suspect we all are), check out Ode Magazine.  I promise you’ll feel better.

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