The OS Showdown Begins Today

August 28, 2009

Today, Apple is due to launch its new Snow Leopard operating system, a speedy yet subtle upgrade for current Mac users. CNN compiled the new OS reviews from the top go-to tech editors and websites hand-selected by Apple, including Walt Mossberg, Brian Lam, David Pogue, Engadget, among others. Each editor, though indicating all improvements are under-the-hood, gave Snow Leopard glowing reviews. Unlike the fanfare of the iPhone 3GS launch, however, Snow Leopard is making a fairly stealth grand entrance into the company’s storefronts that have proved to be a driving force in the company’s successful consumer launches.

In the other corner, PC users, XP and Vista users alike, eagerly await the October 22nd introduction of Windows 7. Taking a cue from its fruit friend, Microsoft issued Beta versions of its new OS months ago and the reviews are quite impressive. Editors and users compliment the new operating system’s sleek new look, improved interface, advanced hardware support and media sharing. So, will Microsoft be “borrowing” another play out of their worthy opponent’s book, launching Windows 7 in the company’s (highly?) anticipated CA and AZ storefronts planned to open this Fall? Most likely. The new stores will also prove to be an interesting evaluation opportunity to see if and how Microsoft can break down their previously unapproachable image and transform its corporate image. (If it’s worth anything, the Microsoft team that Caster knows and love is extremely intelligent, witty, and nothing less than approachable!)

 Should be an interesting OS, retail, and PR showdown between the two — and it begins today.

Stay posted. and Paradigm Electronics Offer “Recession Antidote”

March 23, 2009 is spreading positivity like peanut butter on a Gala apple. The popular technology blog is doing a series of product give-aways to provide readers with a few drops of good fortune as we all weather an endless torrent of pessimistic economic pontification.

While many will enter and only one lucky reader will win, it’s  also nice to see that world-class, industry-leading audio companies are willing to give back, even when the ecomonic crunch is breaking fillings from Manitoba down to Mozambique.

This contest is only available today, March 23rd, so if you want a chance to win, you’ll have to drop a comment by midnight or before. Here’s the link:

Engadget’s recession antidote: win a Paradigm Cinema 70 CT surround system!

Posted by: Nick