This Just In: Newspapers Close, Expectant Moms Told to Stay Off Street Corners

June 9, 2009

The Christian Science Monitor reports this morning that the Boston Globe’s major union has rejected the New York Times Co. proposal to cut $10 million in pay and benefits as a means to alleviating some of the financial trouble the paper has incurred. The Globe, which lost $50 million last year and is slated to lose $85 million this year, reported that its union voted 277 to 265 to reject the measure.  This has effectively allowed the Times to consider more serious meausres, including cuts of up to 23% and possible closing of the entire operation. 

This is just another nail in the newspaper industry coffin as we’ve watched many popular publications like the Rocky Mountain News  while others like Seattle PI are switching to all digital formats.  While there have been many experts speculating on the future of print in an all digital world, there are some who have much deeper concerns for the state of newspapers. 

I met a man over the weekend at the RI Sustainable Living Festival who was saddened and angered by the closing of newspapers across the country.  But not because of the job losses or the death of a media source rich with tradition and history – no.  His concern, rather, was for pregnant women, specifically those who may spontaneously go into labor and give birth on the street corner.

It’s a proven fact, he exclaimed, that newspapers are the most sanitary things available on the side of the street.  What will we do without them?  How will we wrap the babies?

As he quizzed me on what I would do in a situation where a woman standing next to me was about to birth her child on the street corner – what if I didn’t have a newspaper? 

(When I carefully picked up my BlackBerry sitting on the table and said, Um, I’ll call 911? he didn’t seem too jazzed about that solution.)

Then I began to wonder.  All this time, we in the PR and media industries have been focusing on determing what our future will hold with print mediums becoming a dying breed – we were missing key reason why this will have such a devastating effect on future generations.  The epidemic we are facing – one where women will be abruptly giving birth on the side of the road with nothing but the shirts on their back to catch their newborn babe in – is far worse than anyone could have realized.

So spread the word, from coast to coast – we must save the newspaper industry from certain death – for the children

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2009: The Year of the Great Audio Comeback

December 29, 2008
Earbuds are OK for when I am on the go but I need my Paradigm speakers are what really keep me running as the Alpha Male.

Earbuds are OK for when I am on the go but my Paradigm speakers are what really keep me running as the Alpha Male.

I may not be in the ranks of Miss Cleo or that Three’s Company chick with the edible nipple from the movie Mallrats but I can certainly make a prediction when it will benefit a client and that’s why I am dubbing 2009 as The Year of the Great Audio Comeback. TV’s provide only a percentage of the home entertainment experience yet audio is utilizied in virtually all forms of entertainment whether it’s music, movie soundtracks, gaming, entertaining guests or even as background during a suburban freestyle rap battle with some of the neighbors. 

Cleary John Guilfoil, contributor to the Boston Globe and also editor of Blast Magazine is drinking the audio Kool-aid as he  dubbed his December 2008 edition of Blast Magazine  “The Audio Issue.” Additionally, a column he wrote comparing five different home theater surround sound systems ran (Have a Blast in Your Living Room – 12/28/08) in this Sunday’s Boston Globe with Paradigm’s Esprit system taking the top spot for performance.

The esteemed Mr. Guilfoil portends, “We blasted the Paradigm Studio Esprit reference speakers (two front and one center speaker) paired with Paradigm’s ADP-590 surround speakers and their Seismic 10 subwoofer…It’s the best-sounding system on the list. The front, center, and rear speakers combine to create a realistic surround sound experience, and the subwoofer not only shakes a room but adds deep definition to the package.”

Mr. Guilfoil cleary has the golden ear necessary for defining quality audio

I have only begun to make my case for the year of the Great Audio Comeback so stay tuned and you’ll be buying speakers in no time.

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