Become a Fan of Paradigm on Facebook, Win a Cinema CT System

September 29, 2009

Paradigm Electronics, an international leader in speaker design wants YOU to be their friend on Facebook.

If you are on Facebook click here to find Paradigm’s page. Sign up as a friend of Paradigm and every thirty days, starting October 15th, they will choose a random “Friend” to win one of 6 Paradigm Cinema CT systems. If you are already a friend of Paradigm, you’re already in the draw!  You have six chances to win – and all you have to do is become a fan.

The Cinema CT systems are Paradigm’s most affordable complete and compact speaker systems to date and feature the company’s award-winning Monitor Series technology (the company’s affordable high-end line of speakers). With the Cinema™ CT line, Paradigm delivers real audiophile quality sound – at modest prices.

Cinema110CTWhile you’re there, why not become a fan of Caster Communications on Facebook as well?  We have less than 30 fans people.  This is a sad state.  Help us!


Can You Name Every Brand in A/V History?

April 8, 2009


There’s an interesting project being developed over at as the site attempts to compile comprehensive descriptions of every brand in A/V product history.

The website’s publisher is encouraging PR folks and other company representatives to add as much unbiased information to the site as possible and has created a Wikipedia-style submission process to make it simple and seamless. Gathering this much information is no small feat but the list is already expansive and will continue to grow as word spreads.

Eventually reps will be able to upload images and logos, add search tags, embed links and do other things to help with SEO. As PR people we should always embrace the opportunity to expand the brand, and this is a golden opportunity to do just that with minimal effort. 

Posted by: Nick