Dear Santa, I would like the Kindle..I mean the Nook

October 27, 2009

There is approximately 59 days until Santa will be climbing down your chimney and if you are an avid reader requesting the Kindle as a gift, you might want to rethink your wish. On, Tuesday October 20th, Barnes & Noble introduced their equivalent of the Kindle: the Nook. Set to be released in November, the Nook is available for pre-order as of  last Tuesday evening.

Thus far, the Nook has proven to be a bit sassier then the Kindle. One of the major selling points of the Nook is that it can lend e-books to other Nook users or anyone who has the electronic book software. In the feature called ‘Lendme’, books can be shared free for up to two weeks. The books can be lended to users of iPhones, iPod touches, blackberries, Motorola smartphones, Macs or PCS. The lending is not just limited to books but any electronic print such as newspapers and magazines. Nook users can obtain these electronic print sources through the online book store that has been set up by Barnes & Noble. Also, when Nook users go to any Barnes & Noble Store, they have free internet connection, built in Wi-Fi, and can read any book in the store for free. Outside of the book stores, the Nook has internet access thanks to AT&T and runs on Google Android OS.

The Nook has a 3.5 inch color touch screen that has a keyboard that is used to help browse books and when reading the keyboard disappears. The text of the books is black and white. When reading the electronic material, users can use the bookmark features, highlight important quotes or use the dictionary. There is 2GB of internal storage and up to 16GB SB card storage can be added. Unlike the Kindle, the Nook weighs one ounce more. (The Kindle weighs 10.2 ounces whereas the Nook weighs 11.2 ounces.) The Nook also does not have the same battery life as the Kindle. (The Kindle’s battery life is 14 days and the Nook’s is 10 days.) Protective covers can  be purchased for the Nook. The covers come in different colors and styles allowing users to add personality to their Nook.

For the first 10,000 buyers of the Nook, they will receive a free copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point. Gladwell even made an appearance at the launch event that was held Tuesday evening in Manhattan. Details of the Nook was first reported by the Wall Street Journal after a source from the publication got to see an advertisement that is going to run in the New York Times this Sunday( 10/25).

While the Kindle may weigh more and not last as long as the Kindle, a huge selling point is that the Nook can share information. Torn as to which one you want Santa to bring you? Check out the Nook’s blog or the Kindle’s blog  for more information.