Hand Sanitizers, the new “IT” product.

The swine flu scare that is sweeping the country has allowed marketers to start getting creative with sanitizers.  But are they really all they are cracked up to be?  Everyone from drug stores, to clothing lines are now making their own hand sanitizers.  Hand sanitizer is a 112 million dollar industry, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?  I will admit I have fallen for some of the attractive packaging but when I look at the price I am taken back.  Eight dollars for a 4.2oz bottle of hand sanitizer from Victoria Secrets is what threw me over the edge.  Thank you but no thank you I will just hold on to my two dollar bottle of Purell

Are we all going overboard?  Will these hand sanitizers really help the spread of germs, especially the dreaded swine flu virus?  Are the prettier, well packaged hand sanitizers really going to work better?  Of course not but they will make us feel prettier/cooler when using them. 

Companies have even gone as far as promoting their logo on a bottle of hand sanitizer.  What happened to the stress ball or pen?  Hand sanitizers are a necessity; a way of life, without them what would one do?  It makes sense to put your companies name or logo or even a picture of your face on a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Everyone carries them around; everyone uses them in public, what better way to promote ones company or self?  It is actually a brilliant marketing scheme. 

The Food and Drug Administration has voiced that the old school way of washing your hand with soap and water is still the single most useful way to rid yourself of germs and bacteria.   But how is that possible if the hand sanitizers claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria?  Apparently this is true on almost any inanimate object but not on the human hand.  Apparently  it is very hard for them to test this on the human hand being that the bacteria is hard to control because everyday life changes and therefore so does the germs you carry with you.  I am not telling you to stop using this product just warning you that it could possibly not be as effective as you think it is.  It should be used as an aid to washing your hands with soap and water. 

By Kate Kiselka

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