The downfall of print … not so bad?

November 6, 2009

It isn’t a secret that the publishing industry isn’t doing so hot right now.  As Bill  Stoller (@publicityguru) informed me yesterday morning (via Twitter, of course) “First 9 months of ’09, 383 magazines closed…”.  The internet and social media have unfortunately driven newspaper and magazine sales down – way down.  With information so readily available to anyone who wants it, why would you go buy a newspaper (not that it’s necessarily a costly purchase, by any means) when you could just go to directly to the newspapers website from your computer or internet-equipped phone? 

I’m 22 (a lady should never tell her age, but I made an exception here).  Therefore, things like watching the news and reading newspapers aren’t exactly “trendy” with my set.  However, I am willing to bet that 22 year olds now are much more up to date on their world news and current events than 22 year old were 10 years ago.  I’m almost embarassed to say that in other circumstances (such as before I discovered the wonders of the RSS feed, which was – also embarassingly enough – only a few months ago), it would absolutely never occure to me to read the newspaper to see what’s up in the world or to watch the morning news.  However, I follow CNN,  on both Twitter and my RSS feed and also have included The Daily Collegian (my college newspaper), The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal on my RSS feed.  I’m able to hold a conversation with just about anyone regarding current events and am always up-to-date on the lastest news, probably because I have access to it from anywhere at anytime.  Typically, I have more information about current events than older family members, who’s world updates come on the 6:00 nightly news.  They may have more of an interest in what is going on – but I am the one who has the information to give them.

The downfall of print media is tragic.  There is nothing better than receiving a magazine in the mail, or playing the Sudoku in the newspaper (and I guess reading a good article or two) – but perhaps the growing online readership of these publications is a good thing.  Now, more than ever, “young people” are beginning to interact with the general population on a more worldly level.  

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