How to Avoid Swine Flu While Traveling

Kim and I are getting on a plane tomorrow to head to Los Angeles for the Opportunity Green conference and then onto Phoenix for GreenBuild 2010.  While I am really excited for both events which promise to be filled with environmental inspiration and hopefully a lot of great networking, I am concerned I’m going to catch the swine on one of the many flights we are taking in the next week.  I’m stocking up on Airborne and Purrell and don’t plan to even look at strangers on the plane.

Luckily, Kim’s mom Nancy is a nurse and gave us some very helpful recommendations for the trip to avoid catching ebola swine flu.  (My comments inline)

Avoid shaking hands with others at this time and make that excuse about the virus, especially at shows. Chew garlic so people won’t get close to you!!!  So nice to meet you, can we bump foreheads instead of shaking hands?  Swine flu!  Also – the garlic – am I trying to avoid Twilight cast members or the general public?

Bring masks to wear on plane, but be sure to tell attendants you are protecting you from them, not the reverse.  I’m sure we will receive a warm welcome on the plane wearing surgical masks.  Nothing suspicious here, just being cautious!

No drinks with olives or fruits, these are the most contaminated things in bars.  Does this include pina coladas?  I’m sure H1N1 can’t survive the blender.

When you check in hotel ask for a brand new pillow and a new blanket, don’t touch the comforter. But how will I get into bed?  Osmosis?

Bring Clorox wipes to wipe off phones and surfaces.  I’m bringing a fanny pack dispenser of them.

We leave tomorrow at noon.  Here’s to staying swine flu free!

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