Can the Political Season Help Save Newspapers, TV and Radio?

The 2010 Political season is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: our favorite channels will be taken hostage by every Tom, Dick and Harry seeking political office.

I am not an avid political follower, nor do I enjoy in the least watching these commercials, but the one thing that I am utterly shocked by is the amount of money that is spent on advertising by these candidates.

In 2010, political ad spending is estimated to increase 11% and it $3.3 billion. Yes, I just said BILLION.

According to an article in Media Week,

The ad windfall, more than 60 percent of which will go to local TV, will be fueled by the election of 37 governors, 38 senators, every member of the House of Representatives and issue advertising (which could approach $1 billion) on hot-button issues such as health care.

Experts are predicting that this election year will just about equal the record setting $3.4 billion spent in 2006, as similar issues were on the campaign trail.

Honestly, I think the numbers in question are insane, but it means some much needed revenue to some markets that are struggling, such as TV, radio and newspapers. We all know that these media outlets are struggling and a political season is probably music to their ears.  

I don’t think that this alone will save these media outlets, but I do believe it will be a much needed boost.

Posted by: Lauren


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