Audio One Wins 5 CEDIA Lifestyles Awards

Custom Home Theater, Whole Home Control and Elegant Design Merge in Three Gorgeous Homes

Audio One has received an incredible five 2009 CEDIA Industry Recognition Awards in honor of its outstanding home theater, media room and integrated home installations.

 “We are extremely honored that our peers have recognized our work on these projects,” said Audio One Founder and President David Frangioni. “Our clients demand the highest levels of quality, performance and attention to personal detail, and we consistently deliver systems that exceed their expectations.  I am honored to receive these awards.”

Overall, three projects accounted for the five awards. 

Large Home Theater – Technical Design Winner, Level VI Bronze ($391,000 – $670,000). This unusual project found Audio One with 17 days to redesign, install and set up an upgraded home theater. An added twist: The wealthy homeowner, who employs a full-time Crestron programmer, was in the process of building a new house with its own dedicated home theater, and used this project as an acid test to see how Audio One would perform under pressure. The end product of Audio One’s high-pressure cram session was incredibly high-performance, reference-quality audio and video that blends seamlessly with the home’s decor, as well as provides unprecedented security functionality. All told, Audio One says it’s one of the best theaters its staff has ever experienced. 

Media Room Technical Design, Bronze Technical Design Award; Integrated Home Level IX: $1,000,001 – $1,400,000, Level IX Silver Technical Design; Best Dressed System. The client for this triple-award winning collaboration wanted to turn an everyday media room into a top-notch, easy-to-use, crank-up-the-volume home theater that wasn’t a dark space like a traditional dedicated home theater. The catch: The media room was not located in a standalone house but in an apartment, so sound isolation was critical. This project required a high level of cooperation and collaboration between Audio One, an acoustic engineer, an architect, a general contractor, an HVAC contractor and an interior designer. The result, based around a Steinway-Lygndorf Model M surround system, is a stunning room-within-a-room with an ocean view that delivers a premium audio, video and control experience while being considerate of the needs of both the resident family and its neighbors. Yes, you can have a great home theater in an apartment. 

 Integrated Home Level VIII: $801,000 – $1,000,000, Level VIII Bronze Technical Design. The homeowners in this installation wanted a top-of-the-line home technology system that was intuitive, easy to use, fun and reliable. The system was expected to provide access points from several key locations in the apartment through which the homeowners could effortlessly manage audio, video, lighting, air conditioning and shades, and they wanted the ability to do so with no training necessary. To make the system sing, and to accommodate the homeowners’ high-design living space, Audio One worked closely with an interior designer on this project. Audio One dedicated several years to this project, but it was well worth the time: the result was extremely satisfied clients.

Credit: Myro Rosky

 Credit: Myro Rosky
Credit: Myro Rosky


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