Runco Launches LED projectors

September 22, 2009

On September 9th Runco ( unveiled the company’s new QuantumColor™ Q-750i and Q-750d projectors. Runco, the leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions, has shaped the home theater projector market for the past 20 years. Now, the company has changed the landscape of custom home theater projection yet again with its QuantumColor Series.

Runco’s QuantumColor series pairs game-changing, energy-saving LED technology with proprietary Runco engineering feats to create unsurpassed performance and unrivaled customization.

Key features and proprietary technology include:

  • Runco’s revolutionary lampless InfiniLight™ LED illumination technology
  • Never-before-seen color gamut and Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer™ proprietary color management
  • Exclusive Runco SmartColor™ hue compensation curve and gamut mapping for accurate flesh tones
  • Next-generation all-digital internal and external video processor/controller
  • Uses 70% less power than lamp-based projection with Runco InstantOn™, eliminating the need to leave projector in power-consuming “standby” mode

Check out all of Runco’s new product announcements at, including:


  • Runco’s three new LightStyle™ Series projectors – Featuring breakthrough video performance and pricing
  • New Video Xtreme VX-33i, VX-33d, VX-3000i, VX-3000d and VX-3000d Ultra projectors – Each brings Xtreme DLP projection to the ultimate level for exceptional home theaters.
  • Runco’s FIVE new Crystal Portfolio™ LCDs – Featuring five new LCD Displays with three new screen sizes: CX-42HD; CX-OPAL42; CX-55HD; CX-OPAL55 and CX-OPAL65.
  • Runco’s new, next generation Digital High-Definition (DHD 3) external video processor controller