Screen Research Announces New Fabrics, Screens at CEDIA 2009

September 13, 2009

At CEDIA EXPO 2009, Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions for the custom home theater and professional markets, has announced two revolutionary new Screen Fabrics, MultiPix and ClearPix3. The company has also introduced a new screen, the Classic 2 Series. Below you will find all of the company’s CEDIA news and announcements. Click on the link to view the full press release or download images. 

New Screen Fabrics
MutliPix Screen Fabrics

  • The new MultiPix range of screen fabrics (Ultra-contrast White 1.3, Ultra-contrast White 1.5 and Ultra-contrast Gray 1.3) use proprietary multi-layer technology to offer positive gain and excellent light rejection characteristics.

ClearPix3 Screen Fabric

  • Designed as a complement to the award-winning and patented ClearPix2 screen fabric, ClearPix3 completes a unique range of eight ISF®-certified screen fabrics and offers a new entry point to the Screen Research range of acoustically transparent screen fabrics.

New Projection Screens
Classic 2 Screens

  • At CEDIA Expo, Screen Research introduced three new entry level product ranges – the Classic 2 Series – designed to position the entry point to the award-winning range of Screen Research at a more affordable price point.The Classic 2 range includes fixed frame screens, TheaterCurve screens, and On-ceiling Motorized Drop-down models.

Be sure to stop by the Screen Research Booth (1558) to check out the latest products from Screen Research.

To read the latest news, check out the Screen Research press page.