URC’s MX-5000 Delivers the Giddiness

At Universal Remote Control‘s National Sales Meeting earlier this month, I observed numerous of URC’s highly seasoned independent sales reps—guys who have been around the block so many times that they’ve seen several Starbucks open and close on said block—getting their first up-close look at URC’s new MX-5000 remote control. What I saw were quite a few middle-aged men who were instantly transformed into delighted eight-year-olds on Christmas morning opening cool, unexpected gifts.
URC raises the bar yet again on the remote control category with the MX-5000.

URC raises the bar yet again on the remote control category with the MX-5000.

They’re excited to sell this device, and it’s easy to see why. The MX-5000 is a wand-style, two-way touchscreen remote control that is the first remote to offer haptic technology. When you press a menu selection on the touchscreen, you get vibrational feedback, so it feels more like pushing a hard button. Beyond this first-of-its-kind feature, the MX-5000’s color touchscreen is sweet, and the overall form factor is way sleek and way thin, not bulky as you might expect. A professional dealer can make this thing positively sing for any lucky home entertainment connoisseur.

CrunchGear was one of many blogs whose antennae perked up when the MX-5000 was announced, so we recently sent CrunchGear’s Matt Burns a review sample. We’re still waiting on Matt’s full review (he just got it) but it speaks to the MX-5000’s allure that he wrote a post just about his unboxing of the MX-5000! We’re looking forward to his impressions of the product.

URC’s ready to rock CEDIA EXPO in September with another noteworthy product announcement or two… stay tuned!

Posted by Joe Paone


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