Comprehensive Resource Guide and Recommendations for A/V Brands

Respected McClatchy-Tribune News Service reporter and blogger Don Lindich recently created a listing of A/V brand websites with personal recommendations for the brands he prefers and uses. Mr. Lindich is as knowledgeable about audio and video technology as anyone in the Milky Way and his recommendations can be trusted if you are considering a purchase.

In his post aptly titled, Don’s Huge and Useful Link Page, 301 to start…, Don offers his recommendations and links in a variety of manufacturers covering areas such as: receivers and amplifiers, speakers, televisions and projectors, Bluray, DVD player and DVD Recorder,  video rental, turntables, pho cartridge, phono preamp, record cleaner and accessories, A/V furniture and Speaker stands, cables, connections, speaker wire, headphones, earphones, table radios, portable audio, camcorder, video making, editing and burning software, cameras, digital SLR, digital image editing and more if you can believe it.

Started Monday 7/27, this resource is already one of the most complete compilations of A/V brands on the web and a great resource. He’s open to suggestions to so if you’re a PR flak or manufacturer whose website isn’t included, contact Mr. Lindich here.

Posted by: Nick



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