What Is Multi-Room Audio? What Is Whole Home Audio?

When I tell people I represent NuVo Technologies, a lot of them ask what NuVo does. I tell them NuVo does whole home audio.

And then I ask if they’ve ever heard of whole home audio, or multi-room audio for that matter (NuVo and I prefer the more inviting term “whole home” as opposed to the more clinical “multi-room”, although they both mean the same thing).

Usually, the response I get is to the effect of, “Of course I know what whole-home audio is!”

But I press: “So what is it?”

The frequent response is something like: “You can hear your stereo through speakers in different rooms in the house.”

Well, that’s partially correct but it only scratches the surface of what a whole home audio system like NuVo’s can do.

A more descriptive but far more wonky term for what NuVo does would be multi-source, multi-zone audio.

Yikes… what’s that? Quite simple and quite cool: You have multiple sources of audio that go to multiple zones (rooms or outdoor areas) of a house. You either have user controls mounted on the wall in each zone, or you can use a wireless device or web browser for user control. You also have speakers in each zone.

Wait, you might ask: What are multiple sources of audio? Think AM/FM and satellite radio, think internet radio and services like Pandora, think iPods in network-connected docks, think all of your iTunes and Windows Media Audio content residing on your PCs and servers, think even old-school devices like CD players. That’s enough variety and choice to keep you entertained for a while, I’d say.

In each zone, the user can select any of these sources instantly through his or her on-wall or wireless user control, and enjoy that selected source immediately. The cool thing is, other users in other rooms have that same option, meaning that numerous different sources can be played in different zones at the same time. This setup is perfect for families where, for example, Dad likes sports talk on AM, mom likes 80s music on XM, the son likes Pandora and the daughter likes her iTunes.

Once installed by a professional, a whole home audio system like NuVo’s is easy to use. You won’t need boomboxes in every room anymore, for starters.

I’ll have more to share about this pretty exciting product category going forward. Thanks for reading!

Posted by Joe Paone


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