How to look good in HD

Everyone can see the vivid and intense picture you get when watching something shot in HD. The colors are truer, the quality is impeccable, and the movie stars are…real?

When HD became the standard for shooting, it had a lot of actors nervous. Able to see every little blemish or red spot, people who made their living in front of the cameras all cringed the first time they saw themselves shot in HD. Personally, I think it’s great. Especially for the more influential viewers (think 10-20 year old females). The picture quality shows that people are real, even if they are a big star.

That being said, now that HD camcorders are becoming more affordable and more and more people are capturing your every family vacation in high-def, I’ve found a few pointers to help you look your best, and make your video look great.

1. Natural light creates the best background, avoid direct overhead sun.
2. Ditch the makeup. Not totally, but don’t go overboard. The more natural, the better it will look, and avoid bright eye shadows
3. Make the decision – do you really need an HD camcorder? Are you filming your family vacations, school plays and grandma’s birthday? Then do you really need an $800 camera? If you don’t have an HD TV, don’t get an HD camcorder.
4. If you do get an HD camcorder, make sure you play around with the settings and read the user manual. There are a lot of settings and tricks that the camera can do to make the best possible picture.


Posted by: Lauren


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