Farmers for Technology

I don’t get Verizon wireless service in the Cambridgeside Galleria, so I was amazed that farmer Steve Tucker, profiled in CNN’s “Twittering from the Tractor”, has a signal in the rural lands of Nebraska. Not driving down the street, but throughout the 4,000 acres of his farm. (Excuse me sir, who’s your provider?)

If you have not read the article (okay, I’m a day late on the uptake), take a few minutes and do so. Tucker is one of many farmers now using smartphones and the Internet, joining the ranks of us desk-bound, and letting the outside world in by answering “what are you doing?”. He now has more Twitter followers than inhabitants of his town (150 population) and is an evangelist of technology (of sorts) in the agricultural professsion as these technologies provide the opportunity to share crop information with other farmers, have access to weather reports and other specific applications, as well as the opportunity to put “a face with the name”. In an eco- and health conscious age, where more and more people are making purchasing decisions based on “where is my food coming from?”, farmers like Tucker are putting their personalities online and telling you just that. 

The article certainly outlines the benefits of today’s technologies both personally and professionally, but even moreso, it breaks down stereotypes with frank statements like, “farmers tend to be very early adopters of technology”. Really, because here in the City of Boston, I thought… Well, I think you know what I thought. 

Social media is breaking social barriers and stereotypes. In addition to keeping up with friends, business associates and changing the way we share and receive new, we can learn about new people, new cultures, and new professions. It is an interesting aspect of social media that we do not read often read in the headlines.

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