Truly Competing for a Job

I’ve always been of a mind to “try before you buy.” Why commit to something before you really know what you’re getting? It’s why many people wisely live together before they make the arrangement legally binding. It’s why people take test drives in cars. Now, in this competitive economy, the concept is even extending to employment.

A Florida public relations agency is taking inspiration from the TV show The Apprentice to find a new hire. Four interns get a chance to prove themselves this summer in an ongoing contest, with the winner gaining a paying job with the agency. The company gets to see which intern performs the best over time, as well as how each intern fits into the company culture, and will be better able to determine who would be the best, merit-based fit.

Now of course, many already in the working world don’t have the ability to work for free for several months. But wouldn’t it be cool to have the opportunity to come to work for a prospective employer for a few days, get a chance to prove yourself beyond an interview, and give each party a chance to see if it’s a good fit? This would also blessedly take some emphasis off of the interview process as a determining factor in a hire.

Best of luck to the contestants!

Posted by Joe Paone


One Response to Truly Competing for a Job

  1. Kimberly says:

    GREAT idea! We need to do this next time we hire someone! 🙂

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