Social Media – Where is the happy medium?

Over the past few months there has been a strong movement towards incorporating social media into our PR and marketing campaigns. Great. I’m all for it. Increased exposure is our ultimate goal anyway, right?

While social media tends to be relatively inexpensive, probably one of its major draws for companies, but what is it really costing you? Remember when a sales rep not only knew you by name, but also knew your significant others name, as well as pets and children? What about actually going into a store and talking to a reputable staff member about a question you have?

Gone are the days of true customer service and forging long-lasting relationships. Today is the day for IMs to your clients and Tweets to your customers. I agree that many customers prefer to go digital, but it is always nice to be able to reach someone if you have to. There is nothing I hate more than looking for a manufacturers contact information (i.e. a phone number) and all I get is a general email with no name to address it to. My question lies in the healthy balance between social media and true relationships. Ultimately there is room for it all, but we need to find that happy medium, otherwise we run the risk of alienating customers, and that would be bad.

Posted by: Lauren


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