Pepsi Seeking Social Media Gurus for Internet Week

AdWeek’s “Attention Unemployed Journos…” article definitely caught my attention. We are all (painfully) aware of job loss cross-industries, however the journalism profession seems to have taken the most catastrophic hit of all as ad dollars dwindle and page counts become more limited. The good news – PepsiCo is hiring . The mediocre news: the company is targeting seasoned journalists and college students, alike… What?

Yup. Times, they are a ‘changing!

Pepsi is hosting an “open newsroom” experiment in which the nine “social communicator” new-hires will cover the happenings surrounding Internet Week. The goal: “to align the brand with the social media space”. To accomplish this, they will use blogs, Twitter and video to report from the trenches (and parties) at Internet Week between June 1st and the 8th in New York. All content will be uploaded to populate the PepsiCo Content Network.

How to apply? The open casting call welcomes anyone from reputable journalists, to students, social media dabblers and “anyone with a hankering to report using social media tools”. Submit an essay, links to your LinkedIn and Twitter pages, and a Tweet of 140 characters with the reason you should be hired. Simple, right?

This experiment is certainly blurring the lines of journalism as we know it.  Yup. Times, they are a ‘changing!

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  1. […] found a few blog posts decrying the sponsorship deal and the fact that they were looking for both journalists and journalism students.  I find the latter attitude to be a typical sense of entitlement from “real” […]

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