RB Solutions at Cannes. What’s On Tap for Today?

Cannes siting – producer Harvey Weinstein spotted at the Nine Official Drinks Party held at the Residence du Gray d’Albion! Meanwhile, the RB Solutions team was busy at the Hotel Gray d’Albion preparing the Marché du Film screening rooms for the day’s film screenings. RB Solutions is a France-based audio and video installer for custom home and professional cinema applications. The team, led by Régis Berthon, has installed all of the A/V equipment for the screening rooms, accommodating 35 – 80 people per film screening. RB Solutions integrated all the high-fidelity, surround audio and the CinemaScope projection system in the rooms, including Screen Research’s high-performance ClearPix2 2.35 :1 fixed screens, Christies M Series projectors, with all amplification and speakers powered via Monster Cables.

Shown Yesterday:

Today’s Marché du Film Viewings:

Interested in catching up on what films were bought, sold, and even shunned at Cannes? … check out daily recaps at www.cinematical.com.

About RB Solutions: RB Solutions has earned an esteemed reputation for providing individuals and A/V professionals with the best equipments available on the market. The company touts itself as masters of all custom A/V installations, specializing in decoding, amplification, screening, sound distribution, and broadcasting. RB Solutions is an official partner of the French National Federation of the Interior designers and works closely with interior designers to offer viable solutions that deliver the most precise specifications, in order to better advise, sell and seamlessly install any audio-video system into any home and environment. For more information, contact them at rbsolutions@free.fr.

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