Dell Launches Website Geared Towards Women – And Fails

DellaDell, the world’s second largest PC manufacturer has created a new website, Della, aimed at selling laptops specifically to women. Good concept. Really bad execution. Let me explain. 

Research shows that women hold more purchasing power than their counterparts, so it is no wonder that manufacturers have their eyes set on the fairer sex in order to try and turn the corner on slumping sales. There are many manufacturers out there who have done it well, and others (insert Dell’s name here) that have fallen flat on their face. The theory behind their efforts is sound, but their execution it laughable and condescending – not a smart mix when marketing to women.

This new site features “tech tips” including my favorite: “Seven Unexpected Ways a Netbook Can Change Your Life”. The article starts out by saying, “Once you get beyond how cute they are, you’ll find that netbooks can do a lot more than check your e-mail.” What are those things you ask? Finding recipes online, watching fitness videos, and track calories. That’s a TAD bit condescending, don’t you think?

The article has since been edited and now titles as “5 Ways to Use a Netbook”, included is an editor’s note.  

Editors Note: Some of you have read this article over the last several days and will notice a few modifications. You spoke; we listened. Thank you for your ongoing feedback.

At least they’re listening. I’m sure many women are thinking about this the same as I am, as almost a slap in the face. Really not trying to get up on a soapbox here, but how could Dell really think that marketing a calorie-counting, meditation buddy in the form of a laptop would really appeal to women?

Aside from that article, which Dell has admirably fixed, the site offers featured artists and fashionistas telling you how to find great buys. Ok – that information is all well and good but is a computer company’s website really the right outlet?

Am I the only one who sees it like this? I’d love to hear what you think.

Posted by: Lauren


One Response to Dell Launches Website Geared Towards Women – And Fails

  1. Julie J says:

    Truly awesome, Lauren!

    LIke Best Buy’s EQ-Life store for women: Buy an mp3 player while learning about updos.

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