Screen Research: Star Watch (movies on Supreme 2 screens) at Cannes

Ever wonder where actors or filmmakers watch their films? What type of home theaters or media rooms they have? What audio and video equipment was selected for their private screening rooms? We know what David Crozier and Liam Neeson choose. 

Well, this year, at the prestigious 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival and its Marche du Film, film industry professionals will be watching the festival’s finest films from the likes of Steven Soderbergh and much-anticipated “Freakonomics” adpaption on Screen Research’s acoustically transparent Supreme 2 screens.

Screen Research will be hobnobbing with the stars of the film industry in Cannes as the company is the official screen provider for the March du Film and the Short Film screen rooms where it’s all business – luring directors, producers, and buyers throughout the two week festival.  This year, the Marché’s digital cinema screening rooms will be located in the luxurious Gray D’Albion hotel and will feature five of Screen Research Supreme 2 fixed frame with ClearPix2™ projection screens, ranging in size from 100 to 225 inches and formats (1.78 and 2.35:1). In addition, all three of the Short Film Corner screening rooms will be equipped with Screen Research’s 80-inch Supreme 2 ClearPix2 projection screens, located in the Palais des Festival.

Posted by: Katie


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