On the Job PR Training: Comedy Classes?

Global PR Agency Peppercom is combating the recession in the most unique of ways; by hiring a stand-up comic. Doing everything possible to not let the flailing economy affect them, the agency has laid off only three people since the beginning of the downturn. Instead they bring in a professional comedian for a few hours at a time show employees how they can integrate comedy into their everyday work.


The company believes that understanding humor can help hone employee’s skills. Whether it is client relations, pitching or public speaking, this unique training method aims to instill confidence. Professional comic Clayton Fletcher started working with Peppercom employees last September and the results are staggering.


Co-founder and managing partner of Peppercom, Steve Cody said, “It’s probably the single smartest internal investment we’ve made in the agency.” Wanting to bring fun back into the workplace, Cody saw this as an opportunity to get his employees minds off the economy and give them the confidence to go out and make things happen.


Read the whole AdAge article here.


This is quite an interesting form of training for PR professionals. Have you or your agency implemented any wacky training methods that work? If so please share in the comment section.


Posted by: Lauren


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