Why Runco is Reaffirming its Commitment to Flat Panels

In recent months we’ve heard from a number of “big name”, who will remain unnamed, manufacturers announcing significant changes within their flat panel product portfolios and even abandoning plasma displays altogether.

These big-brand names are jumping ship which has (at varying levels) led consumers and retailers to wonder if plasma is dead, because of lack of demand for their products. There has been speculation that plasma TVs are too expensive and questions if there is even a difference in video quality and performance versus LCD.

Runco is a leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions. The products are sold and installed by Runco’s network of trained and authorized custom installation professionals who provide world-class expertise and service…Yes, they cost a pretty penny. Why? Premium products and service and solutions.  Runco plasma and LCD displays are customized to provide the best, most accurate, high-fidelity, cinematic-quality video possible; each for  different rooms and applications. They boast different technology, different price points, and offer different solutions for customers who demand the best. That’s what “custom” is all about!

Today, Runco reaffirms its committment to flat panel technology by providing the widest range of plasma and LCD displays that offer the most advanced video technology for any viewing environment, including:

  • A refreshed portfolio of plasmas from 50 to 103 inches that boasts Runco’s signature processing and technology enhancements for the most accurate colorimetry available – perfect for low-lit rooms and theaters;
  • A full-line of 1080p Crystal Series LCDs for rooms of distinction with high levels of ambient light.  Screen sizes range from 32 to 70-inches;
  • And, the only LCDs and plasmas available with Runco’s exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology. When applied to LCDs, OPAL preserves the integrity of the video content in high ambient light that competes with and degrades the images. When applied to plasma, OPAL thrives in darker rooms by enhancing black levels, detail and clarity of the image. And, when applied to Runco’s Climate Portfolio WP-OPAL42 (weather-proof) LCD, you get pool-side outdoor entertainment like no other TV!

Check out Runco’s full line of premium flat panel displays and projectors at www.runco.com. To experience a Runco-quality home entertainment for yourself, locate the Runco dealer nearest to you and make an appointment to demo products in their showroom.

Posted by: Katie

One Response to Why Runco is Reaffirming its Commitment to Flat Panels

  1. madeaw says:

    Samsung LN32B460
    Great LCD television – noticeable contrast ratio upgrade versus last years A-series 450’s. Easy set-up, very light, amazing color reproduction, very clear, sharp, and low glare. Wonderful LCD television for a great price!

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