New power strip gives YOU the power to plug in whatever you want


Genius! I would just like all of us to take a moment and remember the time you wanted to hook up a lamp and a pencil sharpener on your computer desk but even though the power strip had empty sockets they were blocked by the bigger power adaptors and you ended up writing with a dull pencil in the dark. Okay so maybe that’s too specific, but we’ve all been there in one way or the other. Solution: The Ideatives Socket Sense power strip has angled outlets and the strip extends to fit any size power adaptor you can plug at it. It’s features also consist of 2160 Joules of surge protection, a six foot power cord, power switch with 15A breaker, surge and ground LED’s, cable management channels, metal oxide varistor components, AND you can even mount it on the freakin wall! Some of you may have read that plugging power guzzlers like entertainment systems, computers, and little things like lamps and cell phone chargers into power strips then turning flicking off the power strip when youre not using them helps save a lot on the electric bill. And perhaps you have tried to plug all of your phone chargers, camera chargers, and battery chargers onto a single power strip…NOPE. Not gonna happen with your typical surge protector. If we could just combine the Socket Sense with the Smart strip we could have the perfect energy saving setup.ss_yesno

Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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