Install a Projection Screen in Seconds… Okay, Minutes…

Installing a home theater projection screen has always been easy, right? Wrong! Custom installers have tooled (no pun intended) around with screen providers’ solutions for years; cutting screen fabric on-site, rigging it with “ingenious” solutions to maintain a taut screen, and wasting time and money because, well, there was just no quick way to do quickly and properly attach the screen fabric to the frame during an install.

Now there is. Today, Screen Research announced the shipping of the company’s new Supreme 2 fixed frame.  The new frame is available for the company’s standard 1.78:1 and widescreen 2.35:1 screen solutions and is compatible with its SolidPix and ClearPix (acoustically transparent) screen fabrics.

Supreme 2 frames have a rigid new design and also features the company’s patented new FastGrip fabric attachment system enabling Screen Research dealers to affix the screen material to the screen in minutes – REALLY!!  Check out the FastGrip video below. For a full-screen version with step-by-step instructions  click here).

For more information, view the Supreme 2 social media release. To download images the press release, visit Screen Research’s press page at

(Note: Admittedly, there are minor editing breaks that may skew the actual run-time, but you get the gist – it’s QUICK!)

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