Technology at Area 51 revealed- Elvis not found


marvin3111Even though I’m not a “my brother’s best friend’s uncle was abducted by aliens and they did stuff to him” kind of nutcase, I still found it interesting news that they have FINALLY declassified Area 51, so I thought I would fill you in. All the employees that worked there are allowed to talk about what they did there and maybe now we can get an explanation for all of the anal probes, alien sightings, and UFO’s. Okay maybe just the UFO’s. According to the employees all of the sightings were some top secret test flights. Check out this LA Times interview with five of the men who worked at Area 51, they’ve got some good stories. Although they could be actors hired by the government to further circulate the so called truth that Area 51 was just a testing ground for some high tech government projects and had absolutely nothing to do with aliens. But does it really matter? I for one am more worried about the imminent uprising of the undead. Yep, I’m the zombie kind of nutcase.

Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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