Proactive Strategies – Sales, Marketing, PR and Beyond

While working on a PR strategy for a new product launch this afternoon, my client reminded me,”This is preliminary. I have to present everything and anything… do not have your ideas constricted by budget right now.Think big.” When was the last time we heard that? Wow. Refreshing. For just a few hours the gradiose ideas were allowed to flow and money was once again growing on trees to applaud them.

Of course, Dad was right – money doesn’t grown on trees. The reality is that these living-large ideas will indeed be reigned in to fit  a predetermined budget and will undoubtedly be scaled accordingly. But, it struck me, since when is “no budget” the equivalent of “no creativity”? When was the last time we thought big? How many of us have heard “no budget” so many times over the last year that we’ve inadvertently  reigned in our ideas and creativity without even noticing? I’m not going to raise my hand and don’t expect you too, but to some degree, I believe we all have.

Interestingly enough, Elly Valas’ article in Dealerscope“Proactive Strategies Generate Sales”, was as refreshing as my client saying, “Think big”. It profiles two business owners, one who decided to launch a sales promotion at his store, the other investing in a new clearance center. They went back to what they called  “old school” basics by creating a proactive sales strategy, invested the time and money (saving where they could) into the event and its promotion, and ultimately drove new sales. They successfully refreshed sales while reinvigorated staff to shift their mindset back to the times of proactive sales and marketing, a.k.a. pre-Recession.

Business consultant Sam Geist was quoted in the article, “As tough as it is out there, I’ve learned two things: the sky isn’t going to fall and we can’t sit around and wait for a turnaround, we have to initiate a turnaround.”

I’m going to leave Chicken Little’s input out of my client’s marketing and PR strategies. 

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