Smart-grid delays for security beef up

Okay we’re gonna have to wait a while longer for these smart grids. Apparently hackers being able to sneak in and cause a major black out is a problem. Psh. I’m fine with a good ol’ practical joke every once in awhile! And who doesnt love to light the candles and try to read by firelight? Who cares if you get a migraine after the first page!? I say these cybersecurity experts need to loosen up and go with the flow.
Just Kidding. I’ll wait.
CNN reported that a hacker with an extra $500 bucks worth of the proper equipment lying around could potentially gain access and control over thousands of homes with smart meters. Said hacker could then mess around with those thousands of homes at once, causing a huge increase or decrease in power demand, throwing the system out of whack, and basically causing a huge ass black out. Not cool. So until they work out the kinks, smart grid is on hold. Which is a bummer because I really want to see the Google PowerMeter and now I have to wait even longer.
But dont worry too much, CNN also reports that the experts have been working hard and have made some decent head way at solving the issues.
Thanks CNET!
Posted by: Ashley (intern)

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